Advertisers flee 'The O'Reilly Factor' en masse

Hyundai says it now has no ads on "The O'Reilly Factor", but it pulled spots on future episodes. The network did not elaborate.

The company told CNBC in a statement on Tuesday: "Based on the recent allegations and our strong commitment to inclusion, respect and tolerance in the workplace, we have chose to pull Constant Contacts ads from The O'Reilly Factor".

CNN has worked to put pressure on the advertisers of Fox News' "O'Reilly Factor" while host Bill O'Reilly faces allegations of sexual harassment, but claims the ads are being pulled "organically".

O'Reilly's program has been the most-watched program on United States cable news for 14 years, recently clocking its highest-rated quarter ever.

Fox News acknowledged the advertiser pullouts in a statement from a senior advertising sales exec.

Many of the Fox News stories are background noise to Fox viewers suspicious of bias by the "mainstream media", said Brent Bozell, president of the conservative media watchdog Media Research Center.

And weight loss and nutrition company Jenny Craig told BuzzFeed News it condemns all forms of sexual assault, but refused to publicly comment on its advertising strategy. The report noted that O'Reilly makes about $18 million a year.

"Based on the serious nature of these allegations, we have made the decision to suspend all advertising on the program in question", the Bayer spokesperson said.

O'Reilly has denied that there is any merit to the allegations against him. A sixth woman, former "O'Reilly Factor" contributor Wendy Walsh, said that O'Reilly had sexually harassed her, too, but that she did not intend to sue or seek compensation.

Fox News was also at the centre of a sexual-harassment scandal previous year. At least two advertisers, and Coldwell Banker, responded to the backlash on Twitter by saying they were working to remove their advertisements from the show.

According to a report by the New York Times, five of Bill O'Reilly's former colleagues were paid a total of around $13 million (£10.5 million) in settlements over harassment claims.

21st Century referred to a statement it issued after the Times article in which it said it "takes matters of workplace behavior very seriously".

"And then drugmaker Sanofi's USA division said Tuesday it would be reallocating its current advertisements, writing in a statement: ". allegations made against Bill O'Reilly are matters that we take seriously and will continue to monitor.

Insurance giant Allstate has pulled its advertising from a top-rated Fox News show as a sexual harassment scandal at the network widens.

The lawsuit by Julie Roginsky, a political strategist who was a contributing commentator, came eight months after Ailes, a confidant of the cable network's founder Rupert Murdoch, was forced out over an earlier harassment suit.

  • Salvatore Jensen