Aaron Hernandez team claims victim was returning gunfire

Lawyers for former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez plan to rest their case in his double murder trial.

The former New England Patriots tight end is charged in the fatal shootings of two men after a brief encounter at a Boston nightclub.

Daniel De Abreu and Safiro Furtado, two of the car's five passengers, were killed.

The prosecution's star witness, Alexander Bradley, testified in March he was driving the auto as he and Hernandez drove around the club looking for de Abreu, per CNN's Eric Levenson. He corroborated the prosecution's account of events. Hernandez is standing trial for the July 2012 k.

Haggan told jurors Thursday: "You know who the killer is". He then added, it was proof of "reasonable doubt ladies and gentlemen ... reasonable doubt lives here ... throughout this entire case".

Prosecutors in the double-murder trial said that de Abreu and Furtado had angered Hernandez after one of them bumped into him and spilled a drink onto him at a Boston nightclub.

He is also being charged with three counts of armed assault wiht intent to murder for allegedly firing at three surviving victims, one count of assault and battery by means of a risky weapon for the non-fatal shooting of one of those survivors, one count of intimidation of a witness for allegedly shooting a percipient witness to those acts, and one count of unlawful possession of a firearm. He said Hernandez became enraged because he saw it as a sign of disrespect. Bradley was the government's star witness.

Defense attorney Jose Baez once again lived up to his reputation in closing arguments on Thursday with an empassioned plea to the jurors asking them to find his client not guilty. Baez called Bradley a "liar, "perjurer" and "parasite" who got the "deal of a lifetime" from prosecutors after he named Hernandez as the shooter".

"They're handing out immunity like it's candy on Halloween", said Baez. He suggested that Bradley, a convicted drug dealer who testified under a grant of immunity from prosecutors, had shot the men over unhappiness about a previous drug deal.

Hernandez already is serving life in prison for the 2013 killing of semi-professional football player Odin Lloyd.

Relatives of de Abreu and Furtado filled the first two rows of the courtroom during closing arguments.

He was cut from the team shortly after he was arrested in Lloyd's killed in June 2013.

  • Leroy Wright