What message is Trump sending the world with Syria air base attack?

But one administration success, she noted, was that "we were able to find a solution that didn't necessitate the use of force that actually removed the chemical weapons that were known from Syria, in a way that the use of force would never have accomplished".

The problem is that he implemented that decision without legal authority and before explaining fully to the American people - or even their elected representatives - what the administration's overall objectives in Syria are; whether the strike in Syria last night was a one-time event; or whether Americans should expect a longer and more intensive campaign meant to overthrow the Syrian government.

Trump spent Friday in Florida, in private meetings with visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping.

President Trump made the right choice to launch a missile strike on a Syrian airfield, Gov. Chris Christie said Friday, the day after the attack, calling it an appropriate response to a chemical gassing by the Assad regime that earlier this week killed an estimated 100 people. Tillerson is due in Russia next week, and Russian officials said they hoped to patch over the differences over Syria. The missiles targeted the base's airstrips, hangars, control tower and ammunition areas, officials said.

Russia's next moves will depend on how Mr Trump's policy takes shape. France, Italy and Israel also welcomed the strikes. He ordered a strike on the Syrian air base that had launched the chemical attack.

"The President needs congressional authorization for military action", said Republican Sen. Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell called Trump's decision "entirely correct". Just hours earlier, Trump had said of the attack, "I think what happened in Syria is a disgrace to humanity".

It is believed that the strikes were in response to Ivanka Trump being appalled at the results of Assad's chemical attack.

On Tuesday, an alleged chemical weapon attack in Syria's Idlib province claimed the lives of some 80 people and inflicted harm on an additional 200 civilians.

"Our aim in contemplating the use of force following the use of chemical weapons in August of 2013 was not to intervene in the civil war, not to become involved in the combat between Assad and the opposition, but to deal with the threat of chemical weapons by virtue of the diplomacy that we did with Russian Federation and with the [United Nations] Security Council", Rice continued.

"By proxy Russian Federation is responsible for every civilian death last week", Fallon, whose government voiced support for U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to target the Syrian air base, wrote in the Sunday Times newspaper.

Tomahawk missiles were fired from the USS Porter and USS Ross around 0040 GMT, striking multiple targets - including the airstrip, aircraft and fuel stations - on the Shayrat Air Base, which the Pentagon says was used to store chemical weapons. Following the missile attack on Thursday, Lee urged Congress to return to session and debate Trump's choice.

The strike came as Trump was hosting Xi in meetings focused in part on another pressing US security dilemma: North Korea's nuclear program. Despite intense global pressure, Assad has clung to power since a civil war broke out in his country six years ago, helped by financial and military support from both Russian Federation and Iran. Assad is Putin's closest Mideast ally, and Russian Federation is making it plain that their relationship is as strong as ever.

US officials portrayed the strikes as an appropriate, measured response and said they did not signal a broader shift in the Trump administration's approach to the Syrian conflict.

  • Leroy Wright