United Airlines to its passengers: "Your leggings are welcome!"

United Airlines agents forbade two teenage girls from boarding a flight to Minneapolis because they were wearing leggings, according to witnesses and The Washington Post.

As Watts' following tweet explains, the agent told the girls they would have to change their clothes in order to fly. "The customers this morning were Unity pass travellers".

Those traveling with a "United pass" are company employees or family members of airline employees.

Under the dress code "pass riders" are not allowed to wear clothing that doesn't look "neat and professional,"reported CNN who said they received a copy of the policy from an airline employee".

According to CBC News, two teenage girls wearing the trousers were barred from boarding a United Airlines flight Sunday for not meeting the dress code for special pass travelers. She also responded to the United statement above, adding, "It's just that saying a dad in cargo shorts is more appropriate than a 10 y/o girl in leggings is weird maybe rethink".

United Airlines said that "leggings are not inappropriate attire except in the case of someone travelling as a pass rider". "They wear yoga trousers all of the time when flying", said Watts in an email from aboard her flight.

An airline spokesman said that the girls were traveling Sunday under an employee travel pass that includes a dress code. Watts described one girl who was not permitted to board the flight as a 10-year-old wearing grey leggings.

Taking to Twitter, stars spoke out against the airline's confusing policy. "Nothing on a plane offends me more than a comfortable woman".

A handful of Hollywood stars have expressed their concerns over banning young girls for wearing leggings.

Fueling the controversy on Sunday were initial United tweets in response to Watts that lacked context in which United said it "shall have the right to refuse passengers if they are not properly clothed via our Contract of Carriage". "Their business is being children", actress Patricia Arquette tweeted.

Shannon Watts, an anti-gun campaigner, sent a series of angry tweets to United Airlines accusing them of policing women's clothing and sexualising young girls.

  • Zachary Reyes