UFC 210: Gegard Mousasi downs Chris Weidman in chaotic, controversial scene

Mousasi was declared the victor by technical knockout at 1:41 of the second round.

After returning to the feet, Mousasi secured a front headlock. The former Strikeforce light-heavyweight champion also holds career stoppage victories over Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza, Dan Henderson and Mark Hunt. Weidman connected with a jab.

But by then, two minutes had passed and the New York State Athletic Commission doctors were in the cage assessing the former 185-pound champ. From their Weidman landed a couple of shots before Mousasi rolled over giving up his back.

A decision had to be made because, technically, Weidman should not have been receiving medical treatment unless a foul had taken place, which it clearly hadn't. Weidman tried to get a body lock but Mousasi got his leg and reversed the position. Mousasi weathered and pushed forward, Weidman responded by changing levels and shooting. The round ended with Weidman in top control off a slip. They broke apart, Weidman went for the takedown but Mousasi immediately went to lock in a guillotine but didn't have it. Weidman broke free, Mousasi threw elbows from the bottom.

Back to the feet they go and Mousasi launches a knee after a failed takedown attempt from Weidman, then lands another. Weidman, at first glance, appeared to have both hands on the mat for the second knee, which would still be illegal under the rules implemented this year, but replays showed Weidman's hand was up before the knee landed.

Gegard Mousasi was awarded the fight via TKO, and frustratingly agreed that Weidman deserved a re-match.

The confusion continued as Weidman was given time to recover until Miragliotta was informed that both strikes were legal, which means the fight had to be restarted or stopped based on the damage already done from the knees.

A very-reluctant Lyoto Machida stood as Chris' second title-defence and despite a cagey performance in the opening three rounds from the Brazilian, as he opened up later in the fight, he exposed some weaknesses in the stand-up of the All-American.

  • Julie Sanders