Trump defends decision not to hit runway on Syrian airbase

The missile strike on a Syrian airbase yesterday, the biggest foreign policy decision of Mr Donald Trump's presidency so far, catapulted the United States into a confrontation with Russian Federation.

"The strike was proportional and the US seems to have made every effort to avoid an escalatory confrontation", he said.

Satellite images released by the Pentagon show the extent of the damage caused by United States airstrikes on a Syrian government military base.

At least seven Syrian soldiers were killed and nine wounded in the airstrike, the country's military said.

However, the extent of loss to the airbase could not be ascertained by the Syrian forces.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says the government in Japan supports "the resolve of the USA government of never tolerating the proliferation and use of chemical weapons". Iranian militias are also fighting alongside the troops of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Russian President Vladimir Putin slammed the U.S. strike as an act of "aggression against a sovereign state in violation of the norms of global law".

USA -backed rebels groups have long pleaded for more US intervention and complained that Washington has only fought the Islamic State group.

North Korea, meanwhile, called Friday's strike "an unforgivable act of aggression" which showed its own decision to develop nuclear weapons was "the right choice a million times over".

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres appealed for restraint.

Are we now to be drawn into yet another war in the Middle East which that will live to regret?

Russia's deputy United Nations envoy, Vladimir Safronkov, has condemned the "illegitimate" USA strikes in Syria and said the consequences for regional and worldwide stability could be extremely serious.

But US allies took a different stance.

The hope, he said, is that "we can navigate a political outcome in which the Syrian people, in fact, will determine Bashar al-Assad's fate and his legitimacy".

British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon criticized Russia's support of Assad, describing the chemical attack as a war crime that happened "on their watch". "US Actions taken today further destroy the Russian-American relations".

Fresh strikes in Idlib came as Russian Federation sent a frigate armed with cruise missiles to a port in western Syria, in an apparent show of force in response to the United States action, CNN reported.

The situation in Syria "amounts to an worldwide armed conflict" the global Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) says. Other than that, he added, "there is no change to our military posture" toward Syria.

  • Leroy Wright