Supreme Court Rules, Bentley Impeachment Back on

A temporary restraining order filed by Governor Robert Bentley was stayed by the Alabama Supreme Court, allowing the House Judiciary Committee to continue with its schedule of impeachment proceedings.

The development was the latest in a wild week in Alabama politics as the Republican governor battled the Republican-controlled Alabama Legislature over his possible impeachment.

Before the hearings Friday, Bentley held a hastily-called news conference on the capitol steps to address the public and ask for forgiveness.

The House Judiciary Committee was scheduled to begin impeachment hearings Monday.

The Alabama Supreme Court on Saturday reversed a short-lived victory for Bentley when a judge on Friday blocked impeachment proceedings.

The case was then assigned to Judge Roman Shaul, a Bentley appointee, who listened as the governor's legal team fought for a temporary injunction against the committee, seeking to prevent it from making recommendations concerning impeachment or conducting any proceedings that don't afford the governor due process of law.

Montgomery Circuit Judge Greg Griffin on Friday said he was temporarily blocking the hearings to give the governor more time to respond to the accusations against him. "I have not", Bentley said in a statement on marble steps of the Capitol.

Representative Mike Jones R-Andalisia, said that he was pleased with the decision.

The governor Friday apologized for his actions, but criticized those who he said had "taken pleasure in humiliating and shaming me and shaming my family, shaming my friends".

Bentley's lawsuit calls the impeachment process "fundamentally unfair".

"Gov. Bentley directed law enforcement to advance his personal interests and, in a process characterized by increasing obsession and paranoia, subjected career law enforcement officers to tasks meant to protect his reputation", the report said.

Sharman on publicly released his report to the House Judiciary Committee on Friday.

Once Bentley became aware that his wife and others were growing increasingly suspicious of an inappropriate relationship, he attempted to hide traces of his contact with Mason.

During one occasion, Ms. Bentley was able to read texts sent between the Governor and Mason while they were all sitting at the same dinner table for a 2014 event hosted by the Republican Governors Association. "I sure miss you". Bentley said he's been told that will happen again.

"That panel says there's probable cause that the governor violated state campaign finance laws".

"It's the only way to avoid taking the state on a long, painful and embarrassing journey whose ending is likely already known to us all", McCutcheon said Friday.

  • Leroy Wright