Star Wars star Carrie Fisher and mother Debbie Reynolds remembered

Todd Fisher recently shared about the state of his mother Debbie Reynolds right after his sister Carrie Fisher died.

Fisher was 60 when she went into cardiac arrest on December 23 aboard a flight from London to Los Angeles.

Star Wars droid R2-D2 joined Todd Fisher on stage and there was also a Singin' in the Rain tribute from members of the Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio.

There was also a costume from "Singin' in the Rain", the classic 1952 film in which Reynolds portrayed Kathy Selden.

A day late, Reynolds, who sang and danced her way into the hearts of moviegoers in Hollywood musicals, suffered a stroke and died at the age of 84. "They were strong, unbelievable women, and I'm so happy that (Reynolds') son did this for us so we can come and pay our respects", she said of Todd Fisher, who arranged the memorial.

Debbie Reynolds told her son she wanted to be buried with her daughter Carrie, after her sudden death.

"My mother said to me the night that Carrie died... we were talking that night and I didn't know what was happening, but she was setting me up for her leaving the planet", Todd told Entertainment Tonight. "It was a lovely exit", Todd said.

As he and Reynolds discussed the death of the Star Wars actress on the evening of December 27, she told him, "I want to be with Carrie". "As long as we live, they too shall live".

Ghostbusters star Dan paid tribute to his ex-fiancee Carrie, joking that she openly tried to rekindle her romance with singer Paul Simon while they were dating.

Fisher discussed her mother's charitable work in a video clip, joking: "She sort of started what this town was going to need quite a bit of, which was treatment for the mentally ill". She also finished her part in the upcoming "Star Wars" film "The Last Jedi" before she passed away according to Comic Book.

Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds were remembered in the public event at Hollywood's Forest Lawn Cemetery featuring music by "Star Wars" composer John Williams and a new track by family friend James Blunt.

Comedian Dan Akroyd, who was briefly engaged to Fisher in the 1970s, lamented her passing.

The Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles will perform two songs at the memorial: Who Will Love Me As I Am? and Cyndi Lauper's famed song True Colors. "I'm here to let you go'".

The two even had a Star Wars-themed wedding previous year.

The two actresses were laid to rest at a funeral on January 6, where the ashes of Fisher were carried in an urn shaped like a Prozac pill.

  • Salvatore Jensen