Samsung DeX Station Dock Now Available For Pre-Order

Iris recognition - The iris recognition feature uses the unique characteristics of your irises, such as their shape and pattern, to strengthen the security of your device. After the recent Galaxy Note 7 debacle, the company acknowledged their fault and got nearly everything right - except one thing: the "facial recognition" feature on the phone. Check out all of the ways you can pre-order the S8 and the top Galaxy S8 deals and incentives so far. The device's facial-recognition feature then sees the photo, which shows a person's face, and the handset unlocks.

In the United States it's possible to buy a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ which is a Microsoft Edition meaning you pick it up from a Microsoft Store on 21 April.

The S8 is also home to Bixby, Samsung's virtual assistant that's a new rival for Apple's Siri.

In a Periscope video by Twitter user Marcianophone, the Galaxy S8's face recognition unlock feature is shown being easily fooled by a selfie. Samsung is calling its latest brainchild the "smartphone without limits" and that has got a lot to do with its looks; after all, isn't that what strikes you first about a brand new phone?

TechRadar also threw an early review into the ring, giving a preview to the S8's "Infinity Display", which is a curved screen that wraps around most of the phone.

The S8 Special Edition is now only available in Microsoft's USA retail stores and isn't mentioned on the company's online page. You can use your iris data to quickly unlock your screen, verify your Samsung account, and sign into webpages and more. In fact, the iPhones are yet to get the fast charging feature.

It's not, as you'd expect, a Galaxy S8 with Windows running on the handset. The S8 is now available for pre-order at $1,035, and the S8 Plus at $1,115.

  • Arturo Norris