Questions about probe on Russian Federation links

Rep. Adam Schiff, Calif., the ranking Democrat on the Intelligence Committee, said the panel was aware that Yates "sought permission to testify from the White House".

Nunes, R-Calif., said the pressure for him to resign was typical politics.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes suggested Wednesday that Democrats are not serious about the ongoing investigation into Russia's involvement in the election.

Jeremy Bash, a former chief of staff at both the Defence Department and Central Intelligence Agency under Barack Obama, claimed Nunes had come up with the story about travelling to the White House to block the testimony of Yates.

Nunes, R-Calif., has been the subject of growing scrutiny over the past week since he announced that members of President Donald Trump's transition team were incidentally caught up in surveillance by the US intelligence community in November, December and January. He highlighted numerous incidents in the past month in which there was coordination between the White House and Nunes, including on the issue of incidental collection of communications.

"The hearing this week was going to hear from Sally Yates, the former acting attorney general, and I'm told that she had some very interesting things to tell the committee, to tell the public about when she told the White House counsel that Mike Flynn had, in fact, been lying to the vice president". "I think there needs to be a lot of explaining to do", McCain said during an appearance on CBS This Morning. Whether the White House's desire to avoid a public claim of executive privilege to keep her from providing the full truth on what happened contributed to the decision to cancel today's hearing, we do not know.

Yates took over as acting attorney-general in the window between the resignation of Obama's AG Loretta Lynch, and the swearing in of Trump's appointee Jeff Sessions.

"Devin Nunes says, 'Oh, it's just some rogue staffer.' We don't know that".

"You see the unravelling of this committee happening overnight for no good reason", said Rep. Jackie Speier, a committee member. "Rep. Nunes appears to be in collusion with Trump to protect him from the investigation into his campaign's ties to Russian Federation".

Nunes dismissed accusations he has been intentionally delaying his committee's investigation.

Nunes and the White House still won't answer some big questions.

But the White House denied pressuring Yates against testifying.

"I look forward to it", Spicer said during a briefing at the White House.

And Nunes, for his part, refused to tell reporters whether or not the White House had asked him to cancel the hearing.

"Should chairman Nunes reveal his source?"

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said, "Chairman Nunes' discredited behavior has tarnished that office", and said Ryan should insist that Nunes "at least recuse himself" from the Russian Federation probe.

  • Leroy Wright