President Trump says Susan Rice committed a crime in 'unmasking' his aides

Rice has found herself caught in the cross hairs of a political "scandal" over her handling of intelligence reports involving associates of the then presidential candidate. "I never have and never will".

A spokesperson for Rice later called the claim "ludicrous".

"The fact that there could be a political figure in the Obama Administration who was purposely searching a database, looking for Trump officials, I think confirms exactly what the president said when he said the Obama Administration was doing something nefarious with regard to surveillance on his transition team, and it sounds like they were", Sen. "The effort to ask for the identity of an American citizen is necessary to understand the importance of an intelligence report in some instances". As White House national security adviser, Rice could not order the NSA to reveal the identities of any Americans. Congressional oversight committees also review whether unmasking has been done properly. This included the illegal leaking of General Michael Flynn's name from an NSA report and press reports that the Obama administration in its final weeks lowered the threshold for access to NSA information and spread intelligence about Russian interference in the election and alleged collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign throughout the government. So, if the reports had no intelligence value nor did they have to do with Russian Federation, then what could possibly have motivated the outgoing, lame-duck national security advisor to ask for the unmasking of her political rivals?

Nunes also wanted to ask them about intelligence reports he'd viewed that showed incidental electronic intercepts of Trump team communications.

He would not say whether there was any new intelligence that would support his claims but said instead that he would explain himself "at the right time".

Susan Rice, who was among former President Barack Obama's top aides, can not be trusted.

Rice said she would need to see unmasked names as part of her to "protect the American people and the security of our country", Rice said Tuesday.

On April 2, "alt-right" leader Mike Cernovich originally wrote that the White House Counsel's office had "identified Rice as the person responsible for the unmasking [of Trump transition officials incidentally captured in legal surveillance] after examining Rice's document log requests".

"I think he shouldn't have settled; personally I think he shouldn't have settled", Trump said of O'Reilly.

"Absolutely false", Rice said Tuesday. Often, such names as blanked out, or "masked" in such reports.

Susan Rice has denied outing the identities of Trump associates mentioned in intelligence surveillance reports. "I leaked nothing to nobody, and never have and never would", Rice said. Notice we suggest the Senate committee since sadly House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes - who helped unmask the unmasker - faces his own credibility problem.

Americans' names also can be included if doing so "is necessary to understand foreign intelligence information or assess its importance", according to guidelines made public by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which oversees the 16 USA intelligence agencies.

On Thursday, Nunes announced he had been the subject of accusations to the House Ethics Committee related to the White House episode, ones he called baseless.

  • Leroy Wright