North Korean defector calls on United States to be ready

Most of North Korea's missiles use liquid propellant, which usually must be added on the launch pad before the weapon is fired.

Washington:The US on Wednesday said that it is considering all options to tackle the threat posed by North Korea's repeated nuclear arms tests, hours after Pyongyang fired another ballistic missile into the Sea of Japan.

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The missile test ended in failure when the rocket spun out of control and plunged into the sea, a senior U.S. defense official said.

North Korea is doubling down on its threats after test-launching a missile that ended in failure this week. Sinpo is home to a North Korean submarine base. It wasn't immediately known if the much shorter distance of Wednesday's flight meant a failed launch.

North Korea and growing threats from its nuclear and missile programs are cited as a major agenda item to be discussed.

As the leaders of China and the United States sit down for a summit on Thursday, North Korea has made sure it also has something on the negotiating table: A nuclear-tipped bargaining chip. And China will either decide to help us with North Korea, or they won't.

It follows ballistic missile tests in February and March, as the isolated country defies United Nations sanctions and works on a missile that could deliver a miniaturized nuclear weapon to the continental U.S.

South Korea and the United States say the sole goal of the advanced THAAD system is to defend against missile launches from North Korea. "If China is not going to solve North Korea, we will", he told the Financial Times in a widely-publicised interview this week.

Analysts say North Korea might time nuclear and long-range rocket tests to the April 15 birthday of North Korea founder Kim Il Sung, the late grandfather of current leader Kim Jong Un.

According to CNN, Japan is now incapable of attacking North Korea on its own, due to a lack of equipment needed for a long-range strike.

The failure of a recent North Korean missile test could have been caused by the USA, experts have suggested.

Seoul's Joint Chiefs of Staff said the missile flew around 60 kilometers, but said they South Korea and the US are analyzing the launch to see if it was a success.

If confirmed, the test risks raising tensions with China, which protested against South Korea's recent move to allow the install an anti-missile system on its territory.

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