More Democratic senators oppose Trump's US Supreme Court pick

Schumer conceded Thursday that "We made one mistake, we shouldn't have changed the rules for lower court judges. but we never did it for Supreme Court".

Two Democratic senators announced on Thursday that they will support Gorsuch, report Politico, Raw Story and the New York Times. Va., and Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D., announced Thursday they would support Gorsuch. But Schumer still appears to be on track to amass enough Democrats to block the nomination, which could prompt Republicans to invoke the rules change.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his Republicans are determined to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch within the week.

Toomey's very public support for Gorsuch puts him at odds with his Democratic Sen.

She says Gorsuch was disrespectful in refusing to meet with her for several weeks. She accused Gorsuch of exhibiting a "stunning lack of humanity" in his jurisprudence.

That brought the total number of votes to confirm Gorsuch to 54.

Republicans are furious at the Democrats' plans, arguing that filibusters of Supreme Court justices have been exceedingly rare, and accusing Democrats of responding to political pressures from a liberal base that still hasn't accepted Trump's election win.

In a Medium post published Friday, McCaskill, a moderate Democrat, said she would vote no on a procedural vote for Gorsuch, indicating that she would join a Democratic filibuster against the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals judge. The news that two red state Democrats will support his ultra-conservative nominee - over Democratic objections that the seat for former Justice Antonin Scalia's successor was stolen by Republicans from Barack Obama - is surely welcome news for a battered Trump.

Blumenthal, a Senate Judiciary Committee member who questioned Gorsuch on judicial independence and other topics in last week's hearings, complained that the judge didn't give straightforward responses.

Earlier, the Kansas City Star obtained a recording of McCaskill in which she could be heard saying Gorsuch was one of the better judges on the president's list of potential picks.

Republican Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona, who served a dozen years in the House - both in the majority and the minority - said maintaining the 60-vote filibuster for legislation is "extremely important". That would set a bad precedent for Democrats when a conservative president, like Trump, would be in a position to nominate a judge to replace a liberal court justice, McCaskill said.

Then we're not talking about Scalia for Scalia, which is what Gorsuch is, we're talking about Scalia for somebody on the court who shares our values. The Russian cloud that's hanging over the Trump administration means there's no time like the present to go down swinging on the nominee of a pr*sident who's now under FBI investigation.

Gorsuch during his confirmation hearing last week before Grassley's committee faced tough questioning from Democrats regarding his judicial philosophy on issues such abortion, Affordable Care Act contraception mandates, and the separation of church and state. Republicans need eight Democrats to vote with them.

  • Larry Hoffman