Liverpool gets ban from signing youth players

Liverpool made an application to register the Stoke player, with compensation between the two clubs agreed, a year ago but the application was rejected by the Premier League Board. Premier League rules prohibit any kind of offer of inducements to encourage a player to move clubs.

Liverpool would be a major test for title favourites Sydney FC, who lead the A-League by 17 points, with potential encounters with Premier League stars Philippe Coutinho, Adam Lallana and Daniel Sturridge.

Chelsea, the Premier League leaders, are firm favourites to lift the trophy in Antonio Conte's first season at the club.

It does not prevent Liverpool signing youngsters who are not affiliated to other clubs.

Liverpool also offered to pay the player's school fees, a move which is clearly a breach of new regulations.

It is thought that Liverpool worked alongside the Premier League to ensure a quick resolution to the matter, a spokesman confirming that the club accepts their sanctions.

The family of the Stoke City schoolchild involved have said that they been left in thousands of pounds of debt because of the school fees after the deal with Liverpool fell apart.

"In an investigation following that rejection, the Premier League found evidence that Liverpool's conduct prior to applying to register the player contravened League rules".

But with the transfer ban now in place, Liverpool's ability to unearth raw talent from other clubs is now seriously obstructed, and Liverpool will need to look at other avenues to secure young talent.

The subsequent investigation revealed that Liverpool offered additional expenses to the player, such as match tickets, which are also prohibited.

The Reds have been fined £100,000 and handed a two-year ban on signing any player who has been with another Premier League club or any English Football League club in the previous 18 months. He can not sign for another club until Stoke receive £49,000 in compensation.

  • Julie Sanders