Little girl with alopecia celebrates 'Crazy Hair Day' in a lovely way

Even without hair, 7 year-old Gianessa Wride has managed to sparkle - and win her Utah school's "Crazy Hair Day" competition. At first, Gianessa didn't understand why that was happening to her, and why she lost all of her hair in 20 days. The bling bling was a major hit with her classmates. "I remember just sobbing one night after she went to bed". Needless to say, it's been hard for Gianessa - but now, the resilient 7-year-old is showing people everywhere that she isn't going to let it get her down.

Daniella made an appointment for her daughter to see a dermatologist, but her hair was completely gone by the time the appointment rolled around. Her hair was down to the middle of her back. "She's extremely into fashion and everything sparkly, so I knew it would fit her personality perfectly and help her to feel confident".

So when Crazy Hair Day- now called Crazy Head Day- came around at school, Gianessa's mom came up with a creative way to help her daughter celebrate.

Danielle told FOX 5 they stopped seeing the dermatologist, mainly because there are not many treatment options and the side effects aren't something they want to subject their 7-year-old to. And while some alopecia sufferers will experience hair regrowth, Daniella says it's unlikely this will be the case for Gianessa.

"It was awesome. The kids were so excited and were telling her it was so cool".

"This girl is fierce and fearless, way more so than I could have ever imagined", Daniella said.

But when Gianessa's hair suddenly began to fall out in patches as it was brushed, her mother Daniella Wride anxious about what might be wrong. However, stress may precipitate the development of alopecia areata by activating overexpressed type 2 beta [corticotropin-releasing hormone] receptors around the hair follicles. Over the past year, Gianessa's family moved from Tennessee to Utah to live with her grandparents. Walking into class, Gianessa rocked her new blinged-out look. They can do pill steroids, but once she stops taking them the hair falls out again.

"We hope that people are finding the strength and encouragement from this", Daniella added.

Kids like Gianessa and Zach are demonstrating just how lovely and fun it can be to embrace our differences, whatever they may be.

  • Leroy Wright