Harry Styles: Most of the album was written in Jamaica

While some were simply happy that the One Direction member finally released solo music, others expressed how proud they were of Styles' success.

"I used to research dates, then I said I'm not going to do that anymore", he continued. HS: I think it's fantastic, you know I was talking to him the other day and he's really happy, and you know, congratulations to him.

Harry Styles considers Adele to be "the biggest" and "the best" artist on the planet.

Harry, who wrapped filming on Christopher Nolan's forthcoming WWII thriller Dunkirk before finishing off his solo album, also revealed that his recent workload has impacted upon his romantic life.

One of the songs on the album he wrote in the days before One Direction, admitting it's "a few years" old. By the end of the movie, because we were swimming so much, I just wanted to write songs. We assumed with a newborn to look after he'd literally be spending his time doing just two things, either cleaning up baby poop or getting some sleep.

'I started the album end of Feb past year for three weeks and had to stop for five months when I went to do a movie. "And when it's all together it's that and then I think it's interesting to get to see everyone kind of explore their own tastes as well".

"Everyone needs to bow down to Harry Styles today because he's the king and his new song is legendary", one person tweeted.

The One Direction member was announced as an SNL performer on March 28, and his first post-1D single, "Sign of the Times", was unveiled on Friday morning. Harry said he talked to her "a little bit" about the album but didn't quite get specific advice.

"He [Ed] is really good - he's one of the most talented dudes I know", he said.

  • Salvatore Jensen