Gas Prices Spike At Pumps Across New Jersey

A new AAA survey reveals that almost a quarter of consumers believe the price at the pump is already too high.

In a recent report by AAA, the association has reported that the average price for a gallon of unleaded gas is up from $2.11 as recorded last week. Nationally, gas prices are up about 30 cents compared to this time past year. Gas prices could go up another 20 to 40 cents by Memorial Day.

But in the past two weeks, Oklahoma's average gasoline price has increased by about 10 cents.

"Although the increase in prices has been moderate, it is possible this trend could continue as refinery maintenance wraps up, more expensive summer-blend gasoline becomes available and driving demand increases this spring", AAA Oklahoma said earlier this week.

Hawaii had the highest average at $3.06, followed by California at $2.98 and Washington at $2.89. Average prices for regular rose by a nickel or more in a majority of states. That's up 38.7 cents from past year.

Premium gas rose 4 cents the past week to $2.87, and diesel fuel rose by a penny to $2.51, according to AAA.

Nationally, the price is $2.394. And Delaware's $2.28 is up 35.6 cents from past year.

  • Leroy Wright