DeVos' security detail cost taxpayers $8M over eight months

The U.S Marshals Service is providing unprecedented protective detail to Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, and the added security will be costing her agency nearly $1 million per month, the marshals service said Friday.

The U.S. Marshals Service said in a statement that a threat assessment was conducted in February and DeVos was put under additional protection.

The Education Department said the $7.8 million figure is only an estimate of the cost.

Another spokesperson for the marshals service, Lynzey Donahue, said the agency is unaware of the marshals service providing a protective detail for an Education Secretary in the past.

This comes at a time when money will likely be harder to come by for the Education Department.

An unidentified department employee told the Post that members of the in-house security team remain on the payroll but are not guarding DeVos and have not been assigned new duties.

The billionaire, charter school advocate's nomination to the role of education secretary in the Trump administration was met with widespread criticism by those who feared she would weaken public schools. She was eventually able to enter the school.

The evaluation of DeVos' safety took place in mid-February, shortly after a protester briefly blocked her from entering a public school in the nation's capital.

The Marshals Service is hiring almost two dozen people to guard her, according to a person briefed on the arrangements, who was not authorized to speak publicly.

So far, DeVos is the only cabinet member with a marshal security detail. The jobs include 20 positions at the GS-13 level ($95,000-$123,000 annual salary, depending on experience), and 2 positions at the GS-14 level ($112,000 to $146,000 annual salary).

  • Leroy Wright