Democratic Senator In Deep-Red State Comes Out Against Neil Gorsuch

In his statement on January 31, Brown said he was concerned by Gorsuch's previous ruling that "corporations are people" and his "hostility toward anti-discrimination and criminal justice protections, including opposition to equal protection for LGBTQ Americans".

The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee is set to vote Monday to send the nomination of Gorsuch, a judge of the 10th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, to the full Senate for a vote.

To the editor: A Democratic filibuster of Judge Neil Gorsuch " s nomination to the U.S. Merkely argued that there is simply no need to uphold an illusion of norms when Republicans have already broken precedence to block Obama's nomination and will likely invoke the nuclear option on the next nominee from Trump or any other Republican president. Joe Manchin (W VA) and Heidi Heitkamp (SD) have announced that they'll vote to confirm Gorsuch, in defiance of Chuck Schumer's planned filibuster. Of those, 35 have said they would back an effort to block a confirmation vote via a procedural hurdle called a filibuster.

This is a really hard decision for me. "The question is whether Democrats will give him the up-or-down vote he deserves", he wrote.

McCaskill was struggling with her decision as recently as Thursday, when she declined to talk to reporters about which way she was leaning. "I have no reason at all to think that that man shouldn't have an up or down vote".

"He has a record as a balanced, meticulous, and well respected jurist who understands the rule of law", according to a news release from Heitkamp Thursday, March 30, explaining why she made a decision to vote in favor of Gorsuch's confirmation.

"I reject this nomination because Judge Gorsuch would continue an activist position that states that corporations have the same rights as people", McCaskill said. Democrats need 41 votes to sustain a filibuster.

Many Democrats are still outraged that Senate Republicans refused to grant a hearing for D.C. federal appellate judge Merrick Garland who had been appointed to the high court by then-President Barack Obama in early 2016 to occupy the seat left vacant by deceased conservative Associate Justice Antonin Scalia.

Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., laying out the risks to Democrats in the Gorsuch vote as she spoke privately to donors. "They're not going to let us do that too long before they move it to 51 votes", McCaskill said in the recording, in a reference to the nuclear option.

While Republicans are no doubt encouraged by the betrayal of barely-Dems in the Senate, Gorsuch's confirmation is still far from certain.

She said "he is evasive, but his body of work isn't", adding, "Whether it is a freezing truck driver or an autistic child, he has shown a stunning lack of humanity".

  • Leroy Wright