China urges cooperation with US

Nonetheless, the two leaders are meeting for a second day at Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate as planned Friday.

Trump's aides insisted he had made good on his pledge to raise concerns about China's trade practices and said there was some headway, with Xi agreeing to a 100-day plan for trade talks aimed at boosting US exports and reducing China's trade surplus with the United States.

"President Trump said he and President Xi held in-depth discussions on the seriousness of North Korea's nuclear problem and how to respond to it, and also said he had conveyed the us position on the THAAD deployment", the statement said.

Trump promised during the 2016 presidential campaign to stop what he called the theft of American jobs by China and rebuild the country's manufacturing base.

Shen Dingli, an expert on Sino-U.S. relations at Shanghai's Fudan University, predicted that Trump and Xi would still talk about the big issues that brought them together, rather than switch the focus to Syria.

The Republican president tweeted last week that the United States could no longer tolerate massive trade deficits and job losses and that his meeting with Xi "will be a very hard one".

"But I can see that, I think long-term, we are going to have a very, very great relationship and I look very much forward to it".

"And I believe lots of very potentially bad problems will be going away", he added, without providing details. He told Xi Jinping later in the evening, while allies were advised several hours before and Syria's backer Russian Federation was also forewarned to reduce the risk of escalation.

"We are eager to understand your plans to correct our current China trade policies and steer a new course", said Democratic U.S. Representative Jim McGovern of MA. He noted the historic responsibility of both countries - the world's largest economies and emerging military rivals - to work toward peace and stability.

Xi invited Trump to visit China later this year.

The response by North Korea's foreign ministry, carried by the official KCNA news agency, was the first since USA warships in the Mediterranean Sea launched dozens of missiles at a Syrian air base which the Pentagon says was involved in a chemical weapons attack earlier in the week. He says the two issues "really do mix". Chinese exports to the USA totalled some $388.1 billion past year.

But in a sign that rough spots remained, Tillerson afterwards described the discussions as "very frank and candid".

After the meeting, Trump took Xi on a walk around the manicured grounds of his lavish Spanish-style complex.

At the same time, the House and Senate Intelligence Committees have broadened their dual investigations into the Trump advisers and other outside associates who've had secret contacts with Russian operatives close to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, left, listens as President Donald Trump speaks during a bilateral meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago, Friday, April 7, 2017, in Palm Beach, Fla.

Because remember, when President Kim lobbed one of his missiles into the Sea of Japan at the beginning of last week, it wasn't just an insult to the Americans, it was also an insult to China.

President Donald Trump cast the United States assault on a Syrian air base as vital to deter future use of poison gas and called on other nations to join in seeking "to end the slaughter and bloodshed in Syria".

"We have a thousand reasons to get China-US relations right, and not one reason to spoil the China-US relationship", Xi told Trump.

Their comments were echoed by a front-page commentary in the overseas edition of the ruling Communist Party's official People's Daily, which said the meeting established the tone for the development of U.S.

Much of the worldwide community rallied behind Trump's decision to fire the cruise missiles in reaction to this week's chemical weapons attack that killed dozens of men, women and children in Syria.

In response to a brutal chemical weapons attack, the Trump administration is calling for the removal of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The swift action in Syria could be interpreted as a signal especially to defiant nuclear-armed North Korea - and by extension, its ally China - as well as other countries like Iran and Russian Federation of Trump's willingness to use military force if deemed necessary.

The president has said that if China doesn't exert more pressure on North Korea, the US will act alone.

The US president has said that if China doesn't exert more pressure on North Korea, the US will act alone.

  • Julie Sanders