British FM Boris Johnson cancels Moscow visit over 'developments in Syria'

U.K. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson canceled a trip to Moscow over the conflict in Syria, fueling the crisis between Russian Federation and the west after a US missile strike against President Bashar al-Assad's forces.

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Russia, an ally of the Assad regime, said the strikes had "completely ruined" the relationship between Moscow and Washington.

Noting that the United States has recently launched an investigation into the chemical attack, Zakharov said the USA strike on Syria is not in line with its attempts to discover truth about the incident. "My priority is now to continue contact with the USA and others in the run up to the G7 meeting on 10-11 April - to build coordinated global support for a ceasefire on the ground and an intensified political process", Johnson said.

The visit on Moscow's invitation would have been the first such trip by a British foreign minister in the last five years.

"I will be working to arrange for other like-minded partners to meet and explore next steps soon too".

President Trump called the chemical attack "reprehensible" and blamed it on the Obama administration.

A State Department official told CNN that Tillerson called Lavrov on Saturday to discuss his upcoming visit to Moscow but would not provide further details about the conversation.

He also deplored Russia's continued defence of the Bashar al-Assad regime even after the chemical weapons attack on innocent civilians. "My priority" is to attend the G-7 talks to discuss "Syria and Russia's support for Assad", he said.

The conversation was initiated by the American side, the statement said.

Johnson discussed the move with his USA counterpart last night after the U.S. launched 59 tomahawk cruise missiles at the Shayrat airbase in Syria, following intelligence that deadly chemical weapons attacks on civilians originated there.

  • Leroy Wright