Up to 500000 People Fled Mosul Since Beginning of Military Operation

ISIS militants executed 140 civilians in the Iraqi city of Mosul, the Security Council of the Iraqi Kurdistan region posted on its Twitter page.

People trying to escape besieged Iraqi city are being killed and their bodies hung from electricity poles.

Islamic State fighters have killed dozens of civilians attempting to flee Mosul in recent days, hanging several dead bodies from electricity poles, Iraqi officials and witnesses said Friday.

"Some bodies were later hung on electrical poles in [the] Eslah, Zirai and Tanak neighbourhoods".

"Their appearance was shocking".

It was also reported by Reuters that in the Old City district more than 40 civilians were killed trying to escape, according to a resident of the Farouq district.

"They took our bags thinking there was gold or money in them and as they were busy checking the contents, we fled through the houses taking advantage of the pitch darkness", said the woman, who is now in an area under the control of the security forces.

Iraqi air force and army aircraft conduct regular strike operations over the city to support police and special forces units battling the militants.

Late in January, Abadi declared the liberation of the eastern side of Mosul, or the left bank of Tigris, after more than 100 days of fighting against the Islamic State militants.

According to government sources, at least 355,000 people have so far managed to flee the city since operations to liberate it from Daesh began.

On the same day, Army Lieutenant-General Abdul Amir Yarallah, commander of the campaign to retake Mosul, announced that Iraqi troops had also "liberated" the villages of Rihaniyah Qadima and Rihaniyah Jadida. The UN said some 400,000 still remain trapped in the Old City by the terrorists.

  • Leroy Wright