Trump's Syria Strike Sends Russia a Signal

Will Thursday's air strikes - narrowly targeted on the airfield where the chemical weapons attacks emanated - be a one and done, as initially suggested?

Following U.S. missile strikes on a Syrian air base Thursday night, Syrians in B.C. expressed either dismay or hope at how the incident might impact the lives of civilians in their homeland. The attack drew widespread support today from American allies, and condemnation from the Syrians and their allies. Just more people are going to be killed.

When Kurdi learned about Tuesday's chemical-weapons attacks, she was unable to eat or speak all day because of her grief, she said. There are other escalatory measures Trump might consider, including establishing no-fly zones and safe havens within Syria, or providing more substantial support to Syrian rebel groups.

Lehigh County is home to the third-highest Syrian population in the U.S. and the highest concentration of foreign-born Syrians, according to U.S. Census data. "The morality of the attack is certainly acceptable". Trump said he ordered the strikes to answer attacks against innocent civilians with "a deadly nerve agent".

Back in 2013, he went so far as to advise former President Barack Obama not to attack Syria in response to a chemical attack.

The Pentagon reports 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles were fired from two us warships in the Mediterranean Sea.

A Syrian military spokesperson said on state TV that the USA missiles hit both runways and damaged numerous bunkers, including some decommissioned aircraft.

Tehran has been using the "You play into the hands of DAESH and al-Qaeda" card to try to turn the Western public against their own governments, as al-Assad did immediately after the US attack.

The airstrikes received support from a number of US congressional leaders, including House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

After his first use of our nation's military might, what happens next will be Trump's true test of leadership on the world stage.

Russia, meanwhile, condemned the USA missile strikes and asserted that it is Washington's unilateral strike that was in violation of worldwide law.

A spokesperson for National Defence in Ottawa said Canadian Forces personnel were not involved in the missile strike. Todd Young, R-Bloomington, said Congress should authorize the use of military force against Syria.

On Friday, Assad's office described the USA action as, "reckless", "irresponsible", and not based on true facts.

Following her comments, the President's stance on a military response began to shift, quickly claiming the attack was an "affront to humanity" and blasting Assad's "heinous" actions.

Syria and Russian Federation swiftly denounced the attack.

The attack was denounced by Iran and Russia, with Moscow warning that it would inflict "considerable damage" on US-Russia ties and halting an agreement with Washington aimed at avoiding clashes in Syrian airspace.

The U.S. military said the Russian government was warned of the airstrikes before the raid. It is good to react against massacres by the use of chemical weapons. U.S. officials said measures had been put in place to avoid hitting sarin gas they said was stored at the airfield.

But she believes the US acted too hastily with its airstrike, without gathering sufficient evidence to find out who was directly responsible for the chemical attacks. This attack was well coordinated with the Russians who turned off their anti-missile systems and waved him on.

And Sweden's United Nations ambassador said the U.S. attack "raises questions of compatibility with global law".

White House officials said the assault was not a step toward deeper involvement in Syria's civil war, though Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the United Nations, said Washington was prepared to take further military action. Canada condemns all uses of chemical weapons.

Russia's envoy to the United Nations slammed the U.S. action, calling it "a flagrant violation of worldwide law and an act of aggression" in remarks at a UN Security Council meeting on Friday. "The U.S. took a very measured step last night", Haley said.

On Friday, senior United States military officials were looking more closely at possible Russian involvement in the poison attack. Unfortunately, right now, the Trump administration's approach to Syria remains something of a muddle. As this instability continues, Assad will steadily eliminate the opposition, and the West will see the reestablishment of an anti-U.S. and Israel crescent stretching from Tehran to Israel's border.

The worldwide community has been starving for leadership in Syria. He said he thinks this policy should focus on a political solution involving global partners to get Assad to leave power. The airstrikes of April 6 were a good first step, but the United States must go further to push back against Assad and his allies, Russian Federation and Iran.

The United States needs to work with China to forestall the nuclear threat from North Korea and to dial down tensions in the South China Sea and with Taiwan.

  • Leroy Wright