Trump's Options for North Korea Include Placing Nukes in South Korea

The National Security Council has presented President Trump with options in response to North Korea's nuclear program that include placing American nuclear weapons in South Korea, NBC News reported on Friday.

"We have 20 years of diplomacy and sanctions under our belt that has failed to stop the North Korean program", a senior intelligence official told NBC News.

North Korea belligerence, however, has been accompanied by increased emphasis on reconciliation with the South following the impeachment of Park Geun-hye, the former president.

North Korea this week fired a projectile that flew about 37 miles into the East Sea.

"I'm not advocating pre-emptive war, nor do I think that the deployment of nuclear weapons buys more for us than it costs", the official added. The options all represent big changes in United States foreign policy.

North Korea is expected to stage a massive military parade on April 15, and possibly use the event to showcase its latest weapons, including a new intercontinental ballistic missile, according to South Korean officials.

"The two options have been on the long list of possible options for a long time and they have generally been found to have far too many downsides", Stephens said.

Twenty-five years ago, the US removed its nuclear deterrent in the region, but Mark Lippert, the former U.S, ambassador to South Korea, said that the proposal has majority support in South Korea.

The statement from the paper run by North Korea's de facto embassy in Japan is believed to be a sign North Korea is interested in boosting civic exchange ahead of South Korea presidential elections on May 9. Washington withdrew all of its nuclear assets from South Korea 25 years ago. "As we work towards North Korea's denuclearization, we count on the strong support of the worldwide community".

  • Leroy Wright