South Florida lawmakers have mixed reactions to Syria strike

Although Cardin believed "military strikes against Assad's arsenal send a clear signal that the USA will stand up for internationally accepted norms and rules against the use of chemical weapons", he made clear that Congress needed to be involved in the future.

If the USA suspicions are proved true, it could suggest that far from monitoring Syria's destruction of its chemical weapons, as Russian Federation said it would do in a 2013 agreement with the United States, Moscow was instead aware that the Syrian government continued to stock chemical weapons.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the strike took out about 20 percent of the seventh wing of the Syrian air force and hit a fuelling facility.

On Friday, senior US military officials said a drone belonging to either Russian Federation or Syria was seen hovering over the site of the chemical weapons attack after the assault earlier this week. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called the airstrikes "the right thing to do" in light of the alleged chemical weapon attack carried out by Syria's military.

While Rubio voiced his approval for the initial action against Assad's regime, he noted the U.S. response had to be one that "permanently undermines and deteriorates the ability of Assad to continue to conduct these sorts of chemical attacks against innocent civilians".

It was exactly the type of USA intervention that Russian Federation has been preparing for in Syria.

It came in response to a suspected chemical attack on a rebel-held town on Tuesday widely blamed on the Damascus regime, which has repeatedly denied it has used toxic substances. He thought he could get away with it, because he knew Russian Federation would have his back.

Ahead of the missile strike, a communication link between the USA and Russian Federation used to protect their pilots flying sorties over Syria was used. "The United States took a very measured step last night".

Just as importantly, the statement clarified the intentions of the strike: It "was a proportional response to Assad's heinous act".

The U.S. launched 59 Tomahawk missiles from two U.S. destroyers in the Eastern Mediterranean, striking the Shayrat airbase in the Western Syrian city of Homs.

The launch of 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles was an "egregious and obvious violation of global law that can not be justified", its foreign ministry said in a statement.

The Trump administration sent conflicting messages on what the strikes signalled for the overall USA policy in Syria.

Russian Federation joined the war on Assad's behalf in 2015, turning the momentum in his favor. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said "the combat efficiency of the US strike was very low".

The world learned of the chemical attack earlier in the week in footage that showed people dying in the streets and bodies of children stacked in piles. Pentagon officials echoed that sentiment on Friday, telling the AP that Russian Federation has failed to control the Syrian government's use of chemical weapons.

  • Larry Hoffman