Russia's election meddling act of aggression: Hillary Clinton

- WikiLeaks. Weeks of disclosures of stolen emails from the personal account of then-Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, were particularly harmful, Clinton said, adding that it "played a much bigger role than I think many people yet understand".

Clinton said her team "spent a long time trying to piece together" what went wrong in the election, and she named a few concerns (Russia and James Comey's October 28 letter chief among them).

In a wide-ranging interview, Clinton also called for USA intervention in Syria, spoke about how being an ambitious woman had turned her into "Typhoid Mary", and called for a bipartisan investigation into Russian interference in the election.

As Donald Trump approaches his 100th day as president, Samantha Bee is more convinced than ever that Hillary Clinton should be the one sitting in the Oval Office.

During the Women in the World Summit hosted by Tina Brown at New York's Lincoln Center, Clinton said: "The aftermath of the election was so devastating".

"Certainly, misogyny played a role".

While Mrs Clinton won the popular vote, she lost the electoral college to the businessman who had never previously held public office, upending the world and the U.S. political establishment. "And that just has to be admitted", Clinton told an audience of about 3,000 people at the Women in the World Summit in NY on Thursday.

Apart from her future plans and the DNC hacking, Clinton also discussed about Trump's policies that she deemed anti-women. "As an American, I'm pretty anxious", the former First Lady added. In her first interview since she lost, Clinton said she "wrestles" with the fact that her gender did influence the results. The United States blames the attack on the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, while the Syrian and Russian governments say the gas was released after an airstrike hit a chemical weapons factory owned by the rebels. "Oh my gosh, by the time they finished with me, I was Typhoid Mary".

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton referred to Russia's meddling in the 2016 US presidential election as an "act of aggression", a media report said. Comedian Samantha Bee, who introduced Clinton onto the stage, said, "It's actually hard to know what to say today".

The second factor that Clinton blamed for her loss at the general election was "misogyny". We assume she'll still be singing it in 2020 when and if she decides to make yet another run at the White House.

Clinton believes that "some people, women included, had real problems" with the idea of a woman running the country, and because of that, it desperately harmed her.

While Clinton's closest associates are inclined to reject speculation of the former candidate's interest in pursuing public office again, rumors have continued to swirl nonetheless.

  • Zachary Reyes