Overwatch on Xbox Scorpio and PS4 Pro: Blizzard 'super eager to support'

The Scorpio console will also offer a 4K UHD Blu-ray drive, which is already built into the Xbox One S. Microsoft is pushing hard for 4K, where they believe all games are going to head to.

Microsoft will be revealing Project Scorpio in full at its E3 press conference in June.

It revealed the specifications of the new project, with more information to be shown off in the coming months.

And one from The Swindle creator Dan Marshall. Digital Foundry claims to have seen a Forza demo running in native 4K at 60fps "with power to spare".

"For most it simply remains a very powerful console, without a clear marketing plan or a price", he said. According to a post explaining all the tech on Eurogamer, it'll run absolutely all Xbox One games better' as well as backwards compatible titles, which may tempt more people into throwing down money for it.

When it comes to the current console generation, there's no doubt that Microsoft is severely lagging behind with the Xbox One. The console will even improve game visuals on non-4K screens.

Eurogamer and Digital Foundry are no strangers to revealing Scorpio news though, having revealed details such as 12GB of RAM and the lack of super-fast ESRAM.

The site got an exclusive look at Microsoft's upcoming Xbox, codenamed Project Scorpio, and it seems to be a pretty serious piece of kit. This means that all of the stuff that requires DirectX to run will be able to do so more efficiently between the game and the GPU itself. In regards to raw power, they surpass that of any console on the market to date. Microsoft will prioritise the release of first-party games before others so that its full capabilities would be utilised.

As I said before it's not as powerful as the uber-spec'd gaming PCs out there, but it's not as far behind compared to the original Xbox One.

You can check out the official Game Revolution YouTube channel here.

  • Arturo Norris