NZ rowers enjoy record win with Cambridge

Oxford have beaten Cambridge to win the 163rd edition of the men's Boat Race for their fourth victory in the past five years.

Pre-race favourites Oxford won the toss, and chose to start on the same Surrey station on the south side of the river as Cambridge's women, who had earlier won the women's race.

Oxford University celebrate their victory in the annual boat race against Cambridge on the Thames.

Rebecca Esselstein, in the number four seat, made a mistake with her oar, an error known as catching a crab, soon after the start at Putney.

Cambridge eventually secured victory in 18 minutes, 34 seconds and with an 11-length lead.

Following the women the men took to the river, with the question seemingly being 'how much would favourites Oxford win by?' rather than whether they would in-fact beat holders Cambridge.

For Ashton Brown, president of the Cambridge women's team, it was the ideal antidote to previous year when she caught pneumonia after the team's boat was swamped. "Previous year we felt a bit robbed".

After a neck-and-neck battle through the first mile, Oxford pushed clear at Hammersmith and cox Sam Collier steered aggressively to help prevent Cambridge from fighting back.

They swiftly built a quarter-length lead after their more convincing start.

There was never anything more than a length between the crews, and it was visible that they were making progress at times, but Oxford would then respond to edge back their leading margin.

Cambridge's women's head coach Rob Baker said: "Oxford had a mishap at the start, which was really unfortunate; we would rather that doesn't happen".

"We know there is global interest in the Races because of both its tradition and the sporting theatre it provides and we are very happy to be able to deliver it with YouTube".

Oxford's American president Michael DiSanto said: "It feels so good".

  • Leroy Wright