Manchester United players 'not in love with goal', says manager Jose Mourinho

"It's good to know that we have a fantastic run of 20 unbeaten matches in the Premier League", Mourinho said.

Paul Pogba has scored seven, with Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial and Wayne Rooney mustering only 19 between them.

Hernandez, 28, was sold to Bayer Leverkusen for just £7.3 million by former United manager Louis van Gaal after failing to impress the Dutchman during his first season in charge at Old Trafford.

"We have some players that are not really players in love with the goal".

United are the least prolific side among the top seven teams in the Premier League with just 43 goals in 29 matches - 10 fewer than Everton. Ten matches, five victories and five defeats are 15 points.

"We have good players, they are creative players, they can create, but they are not the kind of guy that is naturally a killer", Mourinho said. In the way we play at Old Trafford, in the way we dominate opponents, in the way we play in the box, I think Chicharito [Hernandez] would have 20 goals easy.

"He's the guy that when the ball goes here, rebound there, if the goalkeeper saves it, boom -- goal, or if the cross is coming, he anticipates the first-post header - goal". "Looking to next season, I think it's a good feeling to know we haven't lost many matches".

"I think clearly if you go for example for Paul Pogba, the number of times he's hit the posts are nearly Guinness Book of Records", Mourinho said. It's not a problem of quality at all, it's a problem of luck.

He told reporters ahead of Sunday's excursion to fighting Sunderland: "I believe he's an excellent player already". We have Marcus, we believe in him, that's no doubt.

Meanwhile, Mourinho admits United couldn't have kept Jesse Lingard had they not agreed to pay him £100,000-a-week.

"He's English and made in the academy, these players are very important for the club".

"So the club and the player tried to find a situation that makes everyone happy".

Mourinho has been vocal in his support for Claudio Ranieri, wearing his initials on a jacket to his press conference earlier in the season following his sacking from Leicester City and he even allegedly offered Aitor Karanka a backroom job after his Middlesbrough axe.

"I don't know how Luke Shaw lives his life, or if there are any issues away from the pitch behind his manager's comments, but he would be devastated by them".

"So it's hard and they need to be lucky to be surrounded by the right people".

  • Julie Sanders