Kushner omits some foreign contacts on security form

Citing unnamed aides and advisers, Axios reported that it's also possible that Bannon could leave the White House.

President Donald Trump thrives on internal debate but does not like "when people are leaking or criticizing to the outside".

Cohn, Kushner and Deputy National Security Adviser Dina Powell have been labeled the White House's "Democrats" by Bannon's allies and the two sides have taken turns slinging anonymous arrows at each other in the press.

While the dust settled after the Trump administration launched 59 tomahawk missiles into a Syrian military air base, the New York Times dropped another report on Russia-Trump ties because that saga isn't going away.

They are both Trump insiders, so what is there to fight about?

White House Chief of Staff Reince, left, and Senior Counselor Steve Bannon, right, make a joint appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland on February 23, 2017.

Trump supporters on social media sounded off on the latest rumors of a White House reshuffle. Yes, it helps that his father-in-law is the boss, though the White House has denied that nepotism plays a role. The odds are that both Bannon and Priebus are on their way out.

But Kushner did not mention "dozens" of contacts with foreign leaders or a December meeting he had with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

Kushner denied discussing USA sanctions with Gorkov. The host then gave Bannon, who reportedly threatened to quit if he was removed from the council, a dose of his own medicine.

While Bannon's influence has waned considerably inside the West Wing since the early days of the administration, he remains a powerful force outside the administration. Another example of a possible conflict of interest arose when ABC news reported that in February, 2017, a Chinese woman paid almost $16 million for an apartment in a Trump New York property. In an attempt to calm things down, the two had a sit down to try to hash out their problems, and the meeting was officiated by Donald Trump himself.

"Tonight, I call on all civilized nations to join us in seeking to end the slaughter and bloodshed in Syria", he said in a statement following the strikes Thursday night.

  • Leroy Wright