Jimmy Kimmel Pays Tribute to Don Rickles: 'I'm Going to Cry'

Some of them, such as Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert, may not have spent much time with Rickles or knew him particularly well, but they each cherished the moments they shared with him. He was comedy royalty and his appearances on late night television knocked that home.

Jimmy Kimmel was in tears as he honored Rickles, who frequented Jimmy Kimmel Live-17 times over the years-and became a dear friend. "You'd see him on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson making fun of Johnny, making fun of Frank Sinatra..."

Kimmel also talked about taking Rickles, famous for his insult comedy, out to Mario Batali's Los Angeles restaurant Mozza.

Kimmel showed a video tribute to Rickles, who had once said the ABC show felt like home. Over two decades ago, Sandler and actor Steve Buscemi were eating dinner at a restaurant when Rickles approached the table and unleashed some signature zingers: "I saw your movie", he said to Buscemi, referring to his performance in 1992's Reservoir Dogs. "Mr".

Fellow comedians describe Rickles as a comic's comic, who's remembered for being the exact opposite of politically correct. "So I was always very thankful for that and I was very thankful that we got to enjoy his comedy for all these many years".

At a tribute to Clint Eastwood he landed one of his most famous, often imitated jabs: "I just gotta say what's on everybody's mind here tonight - You're a bad actor".

Robert De Niro, Martin Scorsese and Don Rickles in 2014. "Not that you had to like it, but you had to be under a rock somewhere not to get it".

"I think the reason that it (his act) caught on and gave me a wonderful career is that I was never mean-spirited", he once said.

Stars of the entertainment world paid tribute to him.

Mark Wahlberg said "Don Rickles was an absolute legend, my favourite comedian, and also my friend. He kept me doubled over with laughter every day on the set - yet he was a complete pro", the director said. "I feel lucky for the times I was ever in his orbit, my thoughts are with his family today x", James Corden posted on his Twitter account.

"If I were to insult people and mean it, that wouldn't be amusing", he once said. His career then skyrocketed after he insulted the hot-tempered Sinatra, who normally did not take kindly to such treatment. Still sharp in his later life, Rickles made appearances on relatively recent shows including The Bernie Mac Show and Hot in Cleveland.

  • Joanne Flowers