Ford Unveils Electric Vehicle Roadmap for China

A Growing EV Portfolio in ChinaFord will also bring to market an all-new fully electric small SUV to China within five years.

Ford Motor has announced to launch Mondeo Energi vehicle in China next year, as part of its new electrification strategy for the country. Ford will be competing for a slice of the 15 per cent market share predicted to materialise for electric and hybrid vehicles in the huge far-eastern country by 2025. "We are prioritizing our electrification efforts on China to reflect its importance as a global electrified vehicle market and to make lives better, simpler and more cost effective for Chinese consumers".

"The time is right for Ford to expand our EV (electric vehicle) lineup and investments in China", Ford Chief Executive Mark Fields said in a statement on Thursday.

Perhaps more important than this announcement of a auto which already exists - the Mondeo Energi - Ford has also stated that the vehicle will be locally manufactured in China through their Changan Ford joint venture. It will feature an electric drive range of up to 50 kilometers, fast torque on demand, smooth acceleration and a quiet operation. The Blue Oval plans to offer all three types of vehicles to address China's growing needs for electrified vehicles. A high-performance lithium-ion 1.4-kilowatt-hour battery, which is smaller and lighter than previous batteries, provides some of that power.

On top of global projects, Ford's new energy vehicle team in China leads the development of unique components of new energy vehicles launched in China, such as charge cord and port.

The Mondeo Hybrid is being built jointly through Changan Ford.

Ford stated that China is now one of the strong markets for electric vehicles due to the government support and increased customer acceptance.

Image: Ford to introduce Mondeo Energi in China by 2018.

"Ford is committed to developing smarter, greener mobility solutions for the future, and our team in China will be at the forefront of this innovation", says Trevor Worthington, vice president of product development for Ford Asia Pacific.

  • Zachary Reyes