Damage to Syrian Airbase Hit by US Missile Strike Insignificant - Homs Governor

The United States on Friday fired dozens of cruise missiles at an airbase from which it said a deadly chemical weapons attack was launched this week, in an escalation of the US military role in Syria that directly raised tension with Russian Federation.

"We are prepared to do more, but we hope that will not be necessary", she told the U.N. Security Council.

Erdogan's spokesman Ibrahim Kalin earlier said the strike against the Sharyat airbase in Homs, northern Syria, was "a positive response" to the "war crimes" of the regime of Assad.

Declaring it in America's "vital national security interest" to prevent the spread of deadly chemical weapons, Trump accused Assad of a "very barbaric attack" in which "even attractive babies were cruelly murdered". He also said Putin believes the strike was carried out "in violation of worldwide law" and "under an invented pretext".

Iran, a key ally of Assad, called the strikes "dangerous" and "destructive", saying they violate global law.

Syrian state media said nine people were killed in the strike from villages near the base, including four children.

Though the USA military warned Russia in advance and avoided targeting the Russian presence at the airbase, a Russian government spokesman said yesterday that the strike was an act of aggression against a sovereign state.

Hours before the military strike took place, Erdogan had called on Trump in a television interview to back up his harsher rhetoric against Assad with actions, telling his United States counterpart "don't limit yourself to comments".

The missiles used on Thursday likely cost the US military around $1 million, but the latest versions of the missile that would replace those are probably more costly, said Loren Thompson, a consultant and chief operating officer of nonprofit Lexington Institute. In a statement obtained by Fortune, she said: "Unilateral military action by the U.S.in a Middle East conflict causes grave concern, given the lack of any Authorization for Use of Military Force from Congress and the absence of any long-term plan or strategy to address any consequences from such unilateral action".

"What good is a strike on Shayart air base alone while we have more than 15 other air bases", he said.

Britain has backed the U.S. missile strike as an "appropriate response" to Bashar Assad regime's "barbaric" chemical attack.

August 2013: Stop the US-led war on Syria! He also accused nongovernmental organizations of staging incidents to prompt a move against the Syrian government.

"This move by Washington ... has dealt a serious blow to Russian-U.S. relations, which are already in a poor state", said Putin's press service.

Russian Federation has dismissed Western accusations against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad who Washington says was responsible for a chemical gas attack that left scores dead in the Syrian province of Idlib.

We are assessing the results of the strike. Speaking Thursday on Air Force One, Trump said the attack "shouldn't have happened, and it shouldn't be allowed to happen". Yesterday's Tomahawk missiles were launched from two U.S. Navy destroyers in the Mediterranean Sea, according to reports.

The Syrian government maintains it did not use chemical weapons, instead blaming opposition fighters for stockpiling the chemicals.

There were protests outside the Russian and Iranian embassies in Ankara on Friday, with hundreds of demonstrators carrying 100 black coffins with images of children killed in Tuesday's attack in Idlib, an AFP photographer said. Obama had declared the use of such weapons a "red line".

  • Salvatore Jensen