Cities say federal overhauls of police

Tonkin said the cache of supplies U.S. Marshals and other authorities found at the abandoned hangar, which included the rifle used to kill Dickson, allegedly matched a list of supplies found in Frein's bedroom at his parents' house. She says she went back inside to get help.

Tuesday was day one of the trial of Frein who is facing the death penalty if he is convicted in the attack of police officers at the Blooming Grove Barracks in Hawley, located approximately 21 miles from the Pike County Courthouse and approximately 42 miles from Newton, N.J.

The troopers asked Frein if he knew Dickson left behind two children, then urged him to tell his story because, as Mulvey said, "the world wants to know". Bryon Dickson II and injured Trooper Alex Douglass.

What stood out to her was the fact that Frein looked "just like a normal person on the street".

Frein's attorney told jurors, "A tragedy of monumental proportions occurred".

DeSarro touched on evidence on everything from DNA to ballistics that will be used against Frein, who led authorities on a manhunt through the Poconos for almost two months.

After speaking for an hour and 40 minutes, the prosecutor asked the jury to provide "nothing less, and I mean nothing less, than full justice".

"There was nothing in his eyes at all", Trooper Robert Golden testified as Eric Matthew Frein's capital murder trial continued its second day.

Weinstein reminded jurors that Frein is presumed innocent and said the government must prove its case.

In only a five-minute opening statement, defense attorneys said Eric Frein will not testify at the trial.

A prosecutor told jurors that Frein assassinated Dickson in an attempt to spark a revolution.

The defense had tried to suppress Frein's confession, asserting police had violated his right to remain silent, but a judge ruled the jury would be permitted to see it. Frein, was captured seven weeks after police say he killed a Pennsylvania State trooper in an ambush outside a barracks in northeastern Pennsylvania. Bryon Dickson II into a secure part of the barracks.

FILE - In this January 5, 2015, file photo, Eric Frein is led away by Pennsylvania State Police Troopers at the Pike County Courthouse after his preliminary hearing in Milford, Pa. Attorneys for Frein, charged in the 2014 ambush slaying of Pennsylvania Police Cpl.

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