BJP MP Tarun Vijay

New Delhi, Apr 7 Former BJP MP Tarun Vijay today faced accusations of racism after he appeared to suggest that Indians can not be called racist as they live with black people hailing from the southern states of the country.

Vijay said that he was misinterpreted and said: "And, I never, never, even in a slip, termed south India as black. have patience to watch the show before reacting angrily". "You are denying your own nation, denying your ancestry, your history and you're denying your culture", Mr. Vijay went on to say.

Vijay's comments have invited an univocal wrath especially in the wake of reports of "racial" attacks in various parts of the country.

He further said: "To say that Indians can be racist is the most vicious thing because we worship black gods. I meant, we worship Krishna, which literally means black. and we have never had any racism".

Others had the insight to point out that reacting to Vijay's comment with "South Indians are not black" would be "completely missing the point" of the entire debate on racism in India.

He further added that despite having people of different colours and cultures, Indians have remained free of racism.

"My words perhaps were not enough to convey this". Feel bad, really feel sorry, my apologies to those who feel in said different than what I meant " he said in a tweet.

Soon after the interview aired, however, Vijay faced a barrage of criticism against him, with many claiming his analogy was not only incorrect and illogical, but it only belied his own inherent racism.

Four Nigerian students were attacked by a group of Greater Noida residents who took out a candlelight march last after a 17-year-old boy Manish died due to suspected drug overdose last month.

  • Leroy Wright