WWE Wrestlemania 33 - Every match happening this Sunday

Undertaker is one of the last old-school wrestlers left.

"I think for parents to hear their daughters say, "I want to be a WWE superstar", [I think] that sounds fantastic and it's a very powerful dream", WWE superstar Bayley said. His wife and son got to see him beat Lesnar, he participated in a Royal Rumble match and he'll have main evented a WrestleMania as world champion.

Goldberg addressed wrestling fans saying that he spent countless hours in the gym, training every day for the last few months so that he can leave a legacy that both the WWE Universe and his family can be proud of. The only reason it wasn't my top match was the fact that it didn't end in the 60-minutes but it had to go to overtime.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that Brock Lesnar might actually end up losing this final contest against Goldberg, as well.

Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton will be facing each other at Wrestlemania 33 for the WWE Championship.

Will Erick Rowan or Luke Harper interfere?

In the match with the best buildup on the show, Chris Jericho will defend the USA title against Kevin Owens. Anytime you have a card that expansive, you can't have a great, captivating story line for each match.

Ric Flair's final match in 2008 was so emotional it took the crowd a long time to recover from and it was a mistake to have it deep in the mid-card. Taker would fall to 23-2.

The injury nearly left him out of Wrestlemania 33 but Rollins made a decision to sign a contract for a non-sanctioned match against Triple H.

Triple H loves to steal (or hog) the show at WrestleMania. Fans will be in for a treat as The Deadman will gun for yet another "Streak" against a much younger opponent, in the person of Roman Reigns.

AJ Styles should pick up his first Mania win against Shane McMahon.

They were all inducted into the WWE Circle of Champions, which honors children with life-threatening illnesses.

Lesnar now realised that redemption wasn't enough, he wanted the gold too and for the past few weeks the war has been building, ready to erupt at any minute.

Returning to the WWE in 2012, Lesnar faced John Cena after an 8 year hiatus. Nia Jax is the latest addition to the match for the WWE Raw Women's Championship, which has been held recently by Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Bayley.

Nevile retains the Crusierweight champion.

Some might dismiss the pronoun change, but to many who follow the industry, it was a declaration of the company's commitment to moving women from the sidelines toward center stage.

WWE has given Corbin a decent push recently, though it will be interesting to see if that factors in on Sunday when the rising talent steps in against the "Lunatic Fringe" and reigning intercontinental champion Ambrose. Which I'm sensing is of interest to you. The two had a stare down after he was eliminated, letting fans know that a match between them was probably going to happen at Wrestlemania 33.

Bliss is my pick although Naomi is an Orlando native. However, it wouldn't shock me if the WWE decides to put the title on Aries at Wrestlemania.

The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal is returning for its 4th edition and the match will feature 13 WWE Raw superstars and 16 WWE SmackDown superstars.

  • Julie Sanders