WrestleMania 33 - Brock Lesnar defeats Goldberg to win Universal Championship

Fans of the show, who don't watch wrestling, often neglect everyone else at the table to get a word in with Neidhart and her husband. There, Bliss was one of an industry-changing group of women who have rewritten the history books for women's wrestling. Definitely looks like WWE is ready for WrestleMania. This is all in preparation for his upcoming epic encounter with the Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar, at WrestleMania this coming Sunday. And after that match, Goldberg would go back into retirement.

Overall, it doesn't actually matter who wins or retains the RAW tag team titles.

Two months ago at WWE Fastlane, Goldberg crushed former champion Kevin Owens in a stunning 21 seconds - his first wrestling championship victory since 2003.

Regardless of what he's capable (or incapable) of in the ring at 50, Goldberg still has a believable look. However, given that WWE is clearly behind Strowman's gradual development, it is likely that he will be the last man standing in the ring.

The match lasted for about 4 minutes and 47 seconds (approximately).

This WrestleMania was a star-making show for Bret "The Hitman" Hart in Madison Square Garden. There's an Owens rematch clause that has to be dealt with, and the fallout from that - which could theoretically pit Lesnar and the McMahons on opposite sides of a conflict - would be a solid foundation for "Monday Night Raw" going forward.

The Undertaker participated at the WWE Royal Rumble earlier this year but his chances of being the main event at Wrestlemania 33 ended when Roman Reigns eliminated him from the match.

After Mania ends, tweet or email me your thoughts and I will add some to a special WrestleMania review column that will run Tuesday. Yokozuna, who weighed well over 550 pounds at the time, wrestled twice that night as he took on Hart and Lex Luger, cemented his stardom in the sport.

You never know what to expect at the WWE's premier event. He certainly hasn't been appearing on Live Events, and without that kind of conditioning, it would be one final shock to see Goldberg carry on a match for anything more than a few minutes. Both men left WWE following the contest, and it would be twelve years before they were in the ring at the same time again. It was an wonderful show and arguably the best WrestleMania.until the following year in Toronto. It's a one-and-done match. So.

This is the event's 33rd edition and the WWE has several matches at the top of the card that are to serve as the main events. If he's in the condition to do his normal stuff, and can be out there for a decent amount of time I'm sure they will have a fantastic match.

On Sunday, the cruiserweight championship will be defended on Wrestlemania for the first time in 13 years. Stone Cold Steve Austin faced Scott Hall in a match and no one even mentions that match, that is how great this show was.

There's more room for today's female wrestlers to feel comfortable dressing their characters up or down to their own liking. The show was built around Andre/Hogan, but this is the match that everyone still talks abut to this day. It was a no disqualification match for the WWF Championship and the match didn't let down at all.

What are your top WrestleManias?

  • Salvatore Jensen