White veteran charged with murder of black man as hate crime

Police say 28-year-old James Harris Jackson took a bus to NY to target black men when he encountered Timothy Caughman, who was collecting bottles from trash cans, and killed him. Jackson said nothing in court.

James Harris Jackson, of Baltimore, had taken a bus to NY to target black men, authorities said. "If the facts are anything near what the allegations are, then we're going to address the obvious psychological issues that are present in this case", he said. Caughman described himself as a "can and bottle recycler, autograph collecter in NY city" on social media.

"We will not allow the forces of racism and hate to intimidate or divide us", Cuomo said. On Monday night around 11:30 p.m., Jackson encountered Caughman while walking near Ninth Avenue and West 36th Street and attacked him.

Jackson surrendered to police early Wednesday morning, the New York Daily News reported.

On Wednesday, Jackson arrived at the NYPD Times Square substation and announced to police, "I'm the person that you're looking for".

He told police that he was a member of a White supremacist group, although it is unclear which one, and showed them his racist ideologies on his laptop computer, according to the New York Daily News.

He wrote of his dreams of visiting California and snapped a photo of himself apparently preparing to vote in the 2016 election, writing, "Standing on line waiting to vote I love america".

De Blasio said that in the aftermath of the London attack the NYPD had "reinforced immediately" cultural and government institutions related to Britain.

The white supremacist remained in the city for 24 hours after the attack and chose to surrender after seeing surveillance footage of himself on the news. Talkin declined to comment further after the arraignment. The Army said he served for more than three years, deploying to Afghanistan for almost a year, before leaving the service in August 2012 with the rank of specialist. He travelled to NY on March 17 and had been staying in a Manhattan hotel.

Jackson plunged a 26-inch sword into Caughman's chest - puncturing his spleen, bowels, pancreas, diaphragm and lung - and stood over him as he pleaded, "What are you doing?" according to prosecutors. Police said he carried out the attack in a way that meant to draw attention.

He told investigators the murder weapon was in Washington Square Park, where they ultimately discovered it, officials said. She says he was angered in particular by black men who date white women. The 66-year-old, whose social media accounts are full of pictures with celebrities such as Beyoncé and Oprah, managed to stagger into a nearby police station, from which he was transported to a hospital and later died. According to investigators, Jackson, a decorated veteran of the Afghanistan war, had harbored his beliefs for at least a decade - at one point having been recorded on tape stalking black men.

  • Salvatore Jensen