USA Hockey, women's national team reach agreement, settling wage dispute

The boycotting players and United States of America hockey reached a deal just days before the tournament begins in Plymouth, Michigan, ensuring they'll be on the ice - and paid for their efforts. The players wanted better compensation from the federation, which they said only provided small monthly stipends during a six-month Olympic training period ― but otherwise did not pay the players during the other 3 1/2 years of each Olympic cycle.

If you want to understand just how important Title IX has been in our culture - and specifically sports - just take a moment to consider the resounding support of women's hockey team as the players battled for funding.

The women's team can focus less on finding ways to generate second or third incomes, and more on turning their energy completely toward worldwide hockey success and building the game here in the United States.

"As Senators committed to gender equity in all realms of American life, we write to express our serious concern with allegations raised by members of the U.S. Women's National Hockey Team regarding USA Hockey's inequitable allocation of resources to the women's hockey program and unjust treatment of national team members".

Team USA has said it will field a replacement team if necessary, even trying to poach local girls from East Grand Forks, Thief River and Bemidji. USA Hockey spokesperson Dave Fischer declined comment.

The IIHF Women's World Championships open on Friday, March 31 at Plymouth, Michigan.

Since the women are taking action for fair pay and against gender discrimination by USA Hockey, this would be a particularly powerful statement coming from the men who are reaping the benefits of the problematic system.

The U.S., the event's defending champion, plays rival Canada on opening night. "We'll now move forward together knowing we'll look back on this day as one of the most positive in the history of USA Hockey".

Representatives from USA Hockey and the women's national team players were scheduled to meet Monday to try and come up with a solution, but at presstime nothing had been announced. But I told them whatever they decided, we would support them 100 percent. "Really excited about what this brings for the future of women's hockey, obviously for our team right now, the way that it represents the past USA Hockey". "We put that on the line and we made a promise to ourselves that until we reached an agreement that we thought was acceptable and we had made progress, that was a realization that maybe we wouldn't be there".

Players will also receive Olympic medal bonuses from both USA Hockey and the USOC for the winning an Olympic medal in the upcoming winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea in 2018. And, if you're a member of the men's U.S. Olympic teams since 1998, you'd be making more than a livable wage, since the teams have been comprised of millionaire National Hockey League players.

The players appear to be adamant that they'd like an agreement finalized, which would require approval from USA Hockey's board.

"Players on the men's national team can also play on the NHL - where the minimum salary is more than half a million dollars".

"A lot of people are going to give the 23 people on the roster a lot of credit, but it was really every single person who turned down an invitation and helped spread it on social media", Lamoureux said.

  • Julie Sanders