U.S. to boost military defence against North Korea: Trump tells Shinzo Abe

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Thursday that he and U.S. President Donald Trump agreed in a telephone call that North Korea's latest ballistic missile launch was "a risky provocation and a serious threat". When conducting nuclear and missiles tests in recent years, it has cited what it calls increasing US military threats.

Hours after the missile launch yesterday, the White House had reacted strongly, saying, the clock has now run out for North Korea and all options are now being considered to deal with the menace.

The hardened United States stance followed recent North Korean missile launches that Pyongyang described as practice for an attack on U.S. bases in Japan.

The South Korean military said the missile was sacked from land near the east coast city of Sinpo and flew about 60 kilometers (40 miles). Those missiles traveled to their maximum range of 620 miles with some falling in the waters belonging to Japan's exclusive economic zone.

"North Korea launched yet another intermediate range ballistic missile", he said in the statement.

North Korean war bosses launched the missile towards Japan as U.S. troops, warships and helicopters amass on the doorstep of the totalitarian state. "We have no further comment", he said in a statement.

The missile flew only about 60 kilometers before it dropped in North Korean waters.

Analysts say North Korea might time nuclear and long-range rocket tests to the April 15 birthday of North Korea founder Kim Il Sung, the late grandfather of current leader Kim Jong Un.

The leaders' talks followed North Korea's test-firing of a ballistic missile Wednesday ahead of Trump's meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in the United States from Thursday in Florida. While submarines are a stealthy way to do that, North Korea doesn't have enough of them.

"North Korea's missile launch is a major provocation to our security". Both were cold-launched using gas pressure from cylindrical containers, both ignited their solid motors after leaving their containers and both used the same design for their rocket stages.

"China has great influence over North Korea". North Korea carried out two nuclear tests previous year. "And China will either decide to help us with North Korea, or they won't", Trump said in an interview with the Financial Times published Monday. Many weapons experts say the North could have a functioning nuclear-tipped missile capable of reaching the continental USA within a few years.

These events coincide with annual drills by the South Korean and US militaries, practicing for a sudden change on the northern half of the peninsula.

  • Leroy Wright