Trump suggests Susan Rice might have committed crime

For now, we know that the most important aspect of the Russia-hacking-wire-tapping-spying-Susan-Rice story is that Trump's transition team was in contact with Russian operatives and others - and it would be nice to know that they were only exploring critical questions related to cabbage. "It is one of the big stories of our time".

The president provided no evidence to back his claim.

Rice had been invited on the PBS program to discuss Trump's unproven claim that Obama had tapped his phones at Trump Tower.

Gorka said that if it is proven that the outgoing Obama administration attempted to use the unmasked intelligence reports to weaken Trump's presidency, it would make the Watergate scandal look like "a little spat in the sandbox in the kindergarten".

House Speaker Paul Ryan twice said that he wants the House to run a successful bipartisan investigation and he reiterated that point in a private meeting with Republican members of the Intelligence Committee Tuesday.

Rice declined to comment through a spokeswoman: "I'm not going to dignify the President's ludicrous charge with a comment".

Susan Rice says it was sometimes necessary for her to request the identity of Americans whose communications were swept up in intelligence reports. Rice would need to show that Trump accused her of a crime with reckless disregard for whether that's true or false; courts wouldn't like the idea of the president being sued for a careless utterance, especially if the discovery process would implicate national security, but courts also don't seem to like Trump much.

When a name is unmasked it is only provided to the official who requested it, and therefore unmasking is not equivalent to leaking the name.

According to information gathered by Bloomberg and Fox News, it appears that the Obama Administration had in fact intentionally spied on Obama's political rival Donald Trump and his team.

Rice's inquiry reportedly preceded a list of names getting passed up the ladder of the United States intelligence community.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump told the New York Times on Wednesday that Rice may have committed a crime.

She says the requests were only be made for national security purposes.

Based on the decline among Democrats, three out of four US adults now say they are proud to be American, which is also a new low. This official claims Rice did NOT unmask Mr. Flynn but unmasked a second Trump associate.

Rice alluded to that Russian Federation probe in her interview, saying it was of "grave concern".

So Rice didn't do anything wrong in asking for redacted names to be "unmasked" in reports involving Trump people, so long as she kept those names to herself (and the president), but she reportedly is known for playing politics - or at least wanting to play politics - with classified information. Two congressional committees are also investigating Flynn as part of larger probes into the Kremlin's influence on the 2016 election and possible coordination with Trump associates.

Trump, his aides and other Republicans have suggested that Rice requested the information for political purposes and leaked them in news media reports.

"I believe if there is any truth at all to these allegations, or any substance to them at all then Susan Rice will have to testify before the Intelligence Committee in the House and the Senate...."

The press conference came after Nunes reviewed classified documents that he says he got from a secret source.

Woodruff started the interview by raising Nunes' unexpected disclosure that Trump "and the people around him may have been caught up in surveillance of foreign individuals and that their identities may have been disclosed".

"There is a civil liberties component to this that should be very troubling in terms of the revelations that keep coming out", White House spokesman Sean Spicer said Tuesday.

  • Leroy Wright