Trump claims with zero evidence that Susan Rice committed a crime

Lemon's social message was in response to an earlier tweet from the rival cable news host, one in which O'Reilly claimed Monday's edition of "CNN Tonight" failed to cover a recent story surrounding Susan Rice and alleged improper handling of national intelligence.

Democrats have enough votes in the GOP-controlled Senate to filibuster President Trump's high court nominee, which they did last night. During an appearance on PBS's "NewsHour" two weeks ago, Rice was asked about the announcement by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) that Trump and his associates had been swept up in incidental surveillance that wasn't aimed at them.

The FBI is investigating too.

But the implications of Rice allegedly looking to reveal the identities of USA citizens in incidental monitoring prompted a broader debate on mass surveillance.

Cohen-Watnick raised his findings about Rice with the White House counsel's office, according to the official.

According to five USA intelligence officials, Rice followed standard procedure in requesting the National Security Agency to reveal to her the names of American citizens who had been in contact with Russians whose communications were monitored by US intelligence.

"The allegation is that somehow, Obama administration officials utilized intelligence for political purposes", Rice asserted.

She's been unmasked. Now Republicans want President Obama's National Security Adviser Susan Rice to testify under oath.

She said the same information was then provided to country's secretary of state, defense secretary and director of national intelligence as part of their jobs to protect US national security. Following Nixon's resignation, the intelligence community was reformed via the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, with the hopes of imposing accountability measures for federal officials that spy on political opponents. "But she still has to give some reason", said Bolton, who served under former President George W. Bush.

Citing no evidence, President Donald Trump on Wednesday accused his predecessor's national security adviser of breaking the law, one month after he accused former President Barack Obama of illegally wiretapping him. Plus, the process is subject to stringent rules and must be reviewed by lawyers. Identities of Americans in such reports are normally "masked" by calling them "U.S. Person 1" and "U.S. person 2", for example. The reports are still highly classified but can only be viewed by a select group of officials with security clearance.

"This is important. The notion that which some people are trying to suggest that by asking for the identity of an American person, that is the same as leaking it is completely false", Rice continued.

She added that she never made public the identities of any associates of Trump mentioned in intelligence surveillance. Lindsey Graham of SC said Congress should look into the reports. Sen.

"I have asked the Intelligence Committee, Sen".

Rice became a favorite target of conservatives after the 2012 attacks on a USA diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, Libya, when she was sent out to do television interviews with talking points about the attacks that later proved to be incorrect.

  • Joanne Flowers