The Undertaker retires from WWE

While Brock Lesnar his famous for ending the streak at Wrestlemania 30, Reigns will go down in history books as the man who ended the legendary career of The Undertaker. Or something. Either way, Reigns got the pin after a long match that wasn't too exciting, and did nothing to inflate the crowd after almost six hours of wrestling action. He made his WWE return on the 900th episode of SmackDown Live on 15 November 2016. Even though they were the first main card match, they could have easily been the main event with all the talent they brought to that ring.

After the fight, The Undertaker got up and the crowd applauded him.

The show this week opened with a massive "Undertaker!" chant that lasted several minutes.

But the most emotional moment was yet to come. Including last night's loss to Reigns, he has a record of 23 wins and two losses at Wrestlemania.

It was brutal. The match saw the Undertaker chokeslam Roman through the announcer's table, before Roman speared the Deadman through the Spanish announce table. As the camera panned around the stadium, the wrestler reemerged in his classic long coat and hat, wandering around the ring.

Meltzer stated that Undertaker needed a full hip replacement owing to the bumps and wear that he had taken during his storied wrestling career. He then took a chair and landed some shots on Roman. The moment when a beaten Michaels kicked out of a second Tombstone, and The Undertaker kept yelling at him to stay down. It can be rightly said, now it is Reigns' yard. Like we stated earlier, Reigns could be an option but Roman vs Brock is a program that should be built slowly if the plan is to get Reigns to be "the guy".

The Undertaker - whose real name is Mark Calaway - removed his signature hat, gloves and coat and left them in the ring after the match in a move that traditionally signifies retirement among wrestlers. But that's the type of competitor the Dead Man is.

  • Salvatore Jensen