Stephen Curry scores 42, Warriors clinch West with win over Suns

And with the San Antonio Spurs losing to the Los Angeles Lakers, the Warriors (64-14) clinched the best record in the league.

"We're playing really well, but in my opinion, if Kevin had been here the last 12 games, we would've won the last 12".

Thompson's highest point total came against IN on December 5, a game IN which he dropped 60 points by hitting 21-of-33 (64 percent) field goals and 8-of-14 (57 percent) 3-pointers.

The feeling of not being able to close out a title is one that McAdoo knows well. Nine of the wins have been by 10 points or more.

Golden State is the hottest team in the National Basketball Association right now with its 11-game winning streak. Closing out the season 16-0 looks realistic. Kevin Durant sat what is expected to be the final game of his month-plus absence. Curry has rediscovered his edge. They return to the 2016-17 season slightly retooled, but primarily defined by Curry, Thompson, Green and Iguodala's quest for 3-1 revenge.

He dribbled toward Thompson, and Rubio shifted over to the 3-point line.

Today, Stephen Curry rivals LeBron James as the NBA's most recognizable star, but that would have been inconceivable not that long ago. Steph Gonna Steph moments nearly always translate into wins.

"Hopefully we can get him in for a couple of regular-season games", head coach Steve Kerr told reporters Sunday. "That's why we love him".

Stay tuned for Minnesota Timberwolves vs Golen State Warriors live score updates, match results and highlights on ESPN Sport TV Channel. Curry dislikes the use of the word slump, but he and the Warriors had thudded into a brick wall.

Curry will not be winning MVP this season after being the first-ever unanimous victor of the award in 2016, but that does not mean he is playing poorly. They also extended their winning streak to 13 straight games with three to go. More likely, they will do some self-regulating. This isn't the 400 3s in a season guy from a year ago, but Curry is looking to be innovative with the ball and it's working. And after some initial growing pains - adapting to the ghost-limb that was Durant's absence on the floor - the Warriors have shown what a thrilling and redemptive story it could have been. What we've seen up to now has been prelude.

The Cavaliers played without starting center Tristan Thompson, who was out with a sprained right thumb.

The truth of the matter is Steph Gonna Steph was not occurring at at high frequency earlier in the year. The Warriors did a terrific job of taking away passing lanes from Rubio, forcing him to shoot it, and while he made his share in the first half, eventually he cooled off. And faced with another young, athletic team, Golden State looked noticeably exhausted and uneven for long stretches.

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