Starbucks App for iOS Gains Support for iMessage Gift Cards

However, its more detailed attempts in social networking, like the social networking site for students, Socl, shut down last month.

Now it looks like Microsoft wants in on Apple's iMessage and has launched a new app called "Who's In". If you and your friends are all running with iOS devices and you want to give this app a test run, it's available on the App Store now.

This app seems to be a pure iMessage app and isn't available for the iPhone or iPad. You can select options for "Eat and Drink", or "Visit an attraction", or even create your own event option. The images used will however be generic ones. The app will create a card for the hangout, and when other members of your chat tap on it, they can give it a thumbs up or thumbs down. The unique thing with this app is that it permits the event's organizer to enter in multiple dates/times, which also makes Who's In as a group polling app. Most people will probably have "auto-install" on by default and if you do, all you need to do is swipe in the App Store till you see the gift cards. It collapsed due to lack of users. This isn't Microsoft's first iMessage app either. Features like animated effects, sending a sketch and the iMessage App Store, let users express themselves in more ways when communicating on the messaging platform.

  • Salvatore Jensen