Sheriff: Woman arrested for attacking man's boat with hammer

The female suspect wanted by Virginia authorities for a vicious hammer attack on a couple driving from Florida to MA was arrested in New Jersey Wednesday morning.

The Caroline Sheriff's Office then contacted the Essex County Sheriff's Office in New Jersey, and the woman was arrested early Wednesday in Newark. Jones allegedly made racial slurs by referring to the victims as "rich" and "white", according to the Caroline County Sheriff's Office.

"I hear this woman yelling something about a message", said Bob, the victim.

Bob's wife, who was inside the gas station bathroom while the attack was happening, came back outside to find her husband bloody. "I don't know who she's talking to". "She starts punching me, scratching at me".

She took a hammer to the boat and the vehicle, and a physical altercation ensued, with Bob getting stuck in the head with the hammer. "She actually clawed him".

Images of a purportedly-bloodied Bob, as well as of a broken Porsche taillight, now circulating through social media following the supposed hammer attack, also seem to allude to the possibility of the violent event occurring as expressed.

Angela Jones, 26, of Newark, N.J., faces charges of malicious wounding, assault and vandalism.

During the attack, the African-American Jones was claimed to have yelled that she was "sick of rich white people" to the Caucasian couple.

That's when, Bob said, the woman grabbed a hammer.

Police said Jones left substantial damage on the couple's vehicle and boat with that hammer, before she turned to attack Bob.

A person who witnessed the attack was able to take pictures of Jones' vehicle, which led to her arrest at her Fairmount Avenue home. The hammer eventually broke on the boat after Jones hit it again, after which she fled, WTVR reports.

As for the victim of the hammer-hitting Jersey racist, both he and his wife were both treated by medical officials and released sometime after the attack. "I am also very thankful to the Essex County, New Jersey, Sheriff's Office for their quick action, invaluable assistance in this on-going investigation and in arresting Angela Jones this morning, April 5, 2017".

  • Leroy Wright