Sarah Michelle Gellar plays Shag, Marry, Kill with her Buffy men

And I think, for my kids, its been great to see, having an idea, starting from scratch, and actually making it into something tangible.

OK, so maybe that's over-selling it a little bit, but Buffy herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar, has played a game of Shag, Marry, Kill between her fellow supernatural characters Angel, Spike and Xander.

"Marry Angel, can you really marry the undead?"

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"You can't make me", replied Gellar.

"People ask who I thought was Buffy's ultimate and I get a lot of hate and a lot of death threats - seriously", she explained.

Her next answer came without hesitation, though.

"Shannen's incredible. What she's done for other women going through it courageous, and that's what real bravery is, is to go through the hardest part of your life and show people, it's OK to be scared", the actor and cookbook author explained.

"You know, I don't think anybody in my family, including myself, loves getting their picture taken", she admitted. The last thing I want to do is go to these really hard dance classes and sweat that hard and work that hard.

Presented with the options to Wednesday, sleep with, or murder Spike, Angel, or Xander, Gellar's natural first answer was to marry Angel - whom the actress favored over Spike during EW's reunion - but she still had some reservations.

"For me, it's about taking away the intimidation factor", she said of her new cookbook, Stirring Up Fun With Food. Watch the interview here.

  • Joanne Flowers