Royal Navy chases Spanish boat out of British waters off Gibraltar

According to British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, a vocal proponent of the Leave campaign last summer, the territory's status will not change anytime soon.

Spain's foreign minister Alfonso Dastis, who was due to meet with Brexit secretary David Davis on Monday, commented "It seems someone is losing their cool". But that would require a special deal for Gibraltar once Britain leaves the European Union single market and ends automatic free movement of people from other European Union nations.

The limestone Rock of Gibraltar towers above the pensinsula, a British dependent territory that profits from tourism, finance and its shipyard.

The marks followed a report from the Exiting the European Union Committee, which suggested the Prime Minister needed to do more to consider the impact of failing to get a deal with the EU, after she claimed that "no deal is better than a bad deal". Despite its geographical proximity to Spain, a visitor to Gibraltar would be forgiven for feeling much closer to London.

The UK has held sovereignty over Gibraltar for more than 300 years after it was captured from Spain in the Spanish War of Succession in 1704.

But Gibraltarians had already rejected such a proposal in a 2002 referendum, and they want to stick with the Union Jack despite voting by 96 percent to remain in the EU.

"I think Spain has made a huge error of judgment not just in putting this early on, but in effect denying their own citizens the application of that deal if they work in Gibraltar going forward", said Mr Picardo.

It comes after Conservative peer Michael Howard caused uproar when he inferred that the United Kingdom should be prepared to go to war with Spain if it used the Brexit negotiations to assert sovereignty over Gibraltar, which was ceded to Britain in 1713.

With a great deal of public support, Spain's Popular Party views Gibraltar as a political, geographical, and economic injustice on its southern border.

Spain says Gibraltar was taken in the context of a dynastic war.

It comes the day after Spain's foreign affairs minister Alfonso Dastis called for calm from the United Kingdom following suggestions from former Tory party leader Michael Howard that Theresa May could be prepared to go to war over Gibraltar's sovereignty. "And in this case, the members' interests are Spain".

"I would say on Gibraltar, you see now how hard the divorce is", said Dutch foreign minister Bert Koenders, speaking before a meeting of the European Union foreign affairs council.

Instead of standing up to Spain's advances against self-determination and respecting Gibraltar as a sovereign territory, it has chosen the easy route out to make internal negotiations and negotiation with the United Kingdom easier.

"We're going to look after Gibraltar".

Theresa May has insisted that Britain's relations with Spain remain on a basis of "jaw-jaw", after a predecessor as Conservative leader suggested that she might be ready to resort to war to defend Gibraltar.

  • Leroy Wright