North Korea test-fires missile into sea ahead of Trump-Xi summit

-China relationship. With few, if any, interactions with the media, official cameras will capture a confident Xi casually strolling with Trump and later dining with his family, including daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner.

US President Donald Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping are due to meet this weekend to discuss North Korea's nuclear threatReutersIs the US likely to launch military strikes against North Korea? Now, consider how it will play when Trump confers on Xi the privilege of visiting Mar-a-Lago that was previously reserved for the closest US ally, Japan.

Trump can and should get tough with Beijing, but there's a useful maxim that to get China right, you have to get Asia right first.

(Nicolas Asfouri/Pool Photo via AP, File). Xi will show up with a bag of political goodies for Trump, expected to include pledges of big, "tweetable" Chinese investments in the United States.

The Trump Administration's position on North Korea from the start has been that China has "enormous" influence and could resolve the situation more or less trivially.

"It very well may be a bluff that is meant to convince us that a unilateral preemptive strike is impractical, unrealistic and unwise", Schuster said. "Our troops maintain a firm posture for an immediate response to any kind of provocation by North Korea".

A senior White House official said Tuesday that "all options" are on the table to curb the country's nuclear weapons programs. -China summit in Florida, Trump had threatened to use crucial trade ties with China to pressure Beijing into more action on North Korea.

Some analysts believe Xi might be willing to hand Trump a symbolic victory on trade to put a positive spin on the meeting. Trump said in a recent tweet.

Light is cast on a USA one-hundred dollar bill next to a Japanese 10,000 yen note in this picture illustration shot February 28, 2013.

While aides insisted the timing was coincidental, the administration touted the moves as evidence of an aggressive but analytical approach to closing a yawning trade gap that is largely due to the influx of goods from China.

But any headway Trump hopes to make on advancing his trade agenda could also be overshadowed by the increasing urgency of North Korea's nuclear program, which Trump views as the greatest threat to U.S. national security. "The president has been pretty clear in messaging how important it is for China to coordinate with the United States, and for China to begin exerting its considerable economic leverage to bring about a peaceful resolution to that problem". Over the past two decades, he has at times even suggested bombing North Korea's nuclear facilities. China continues to oppose the tough measures demanded of it to address the issue, fearing a collapse of the Pyongyang regime would bring a crush of refugees and possibly USA and South Korean troops on its border.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un had said after the February launch that the missile, called "Pukguksong-2" in North Korea, provided another nuclear attack capability against the United States and South Korea.

North Korea is pushing hard to upgrade its weapons systems to cope with what it calls USA hostility.

Former US officials and experts on China and worldwide trade said they were heartened to see that Trump had not made good on some of his boldest campaign pledges - like imposing double-digit tariffs on Chinese imports or labeling China a currency manipulator.

"I suspect that they're watching very closely the events taking place in France though, ahead of the Presidential elections".

  • Leroy Wright