New Rs 200 notes coming soon in India

Image of New Rs.200 Currency Note: Reserve Bank of India has recently announced to release new Rs.200 currency notes. So, we have proposed the introduction of Rs.200 by the government.

According to a report by India Today, a source has said that "Rs 200 currency note is in the pipeline".

According to media reports, RBI has cleared the proposal of the new Rs 200 note and shall start the printing process after getting government approvals, so RBI is expected to start the printing somewhere near June. Reports also stated that new Rs 10 and Rs 100 notes would also be introduced. "So this time, RBI would implement its plan only after the Centre's notification", a source told India Today.

Separately, the central bank also made some changes to the prompt corrective action (PCA) framework that kicks in when banks breach certain regulatory requirements. The notes have been made according to global standards. The note appears to have all the important security elements and watermarks saying Rs 200.

A Rs 200 bank note may make an appearance soon, and if social media is any indication, the design for the new denomination may be out already although Firstpost could not independently verify the authenticity of the same.

As far as official announcements are concerned, the RBI has not officially mentioned anything yet.

Some even have an LGBTQ version of the supposed note.

If you look at the note, the new 200 currency not is in a light bluish colour. "In case a decision is taken to introduce the new note, it will take 6 to 8 months for the new currency to be in circulation".

The odds are this is another fake, however, it is hard to overlook this photograph of what appears like a Rs 200 note. Whether it is fake or real, only the RBI would know.

  • Arturo Norris